BMW i3 Video Compilation (11 Just Released Videos)


With the official debut of the BMW i3 today, the BMW group around the world has made available some pretty slick videos.

For your viewing pleasure, we have piled them all up for you to watch.  Enjoy!

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·Yeah, same problem here as on GreenCarReports. BMW is apparently only teasing at the moment…. They must think that it will help their Stock Price. (Heck it works for Elon). The Videos I’ve seen have European Tags but the inset shots are for an American Audience. And describing charging with that combo FrankenMenekes plug means that, sans adapter cords or jacks, I’m gathering the thing charges just fine in 3 hours at 11 amps, 380 volts, 3 phase 50 hz. Marvelous. Except most American Drivers wont want to have their electricians install autotransformers and phase converters in their garage. And forget Public Charging. Right now there is no where anywhere in the USA these things can be used (unless you stumble into a private garage modified as the above. Another thing: The Video shows the ‘electrician’ (Has the Nissan dude grown a beard now?) improperly installing either 14/2 or 12/2 mc cable, which is not good enough for 380 volts 3-phase 11 amps 50 hz (due to lack of a ground , or for europeans, “earth”), and its not good for the supposedly 32 amps required here since then 8/2 would be required. He also didn’t put in an ‘antishort’… Read more »