BMW i3 Versus Remote Control Car – Race Video


This video pits a remote control car against the BMW i3:

“Electric conversions battle! Check out how fast is Losi 5ive T by MGM COMPRO in comparison with an electric car!”

i3 Gets Smoked

i3 Gets Smoked

Some details of the Losi 5ive T:

Losi 5ive

Losi 5ive

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Wow… 15 Kw on a tiny remote controlled car is amazing. Think about it, I think some types of hybrids (like the Honda IMA system) have like 10 Kw.

Yes, my Insight has a 10kW motor, and it is larger than that entire R/C car! Quite impressive indeed.

These things would be a Tesla P85D. 0-60 in 2.3 seconds, 0-100 in under 5 seconds. That’s “Ludicrous” speed.