BMW i3 Versus Audi RS5 – Video


BMW i3 Versus Audi RS5

BMW i3 Versus Audi RS5

Loosely translated from German, the video description states:

“This comparison is not purely to show how much potential there is in a pure electric car by bragging or anything, but…”

Actually, we’re sort of surprised to see how well the BMW i3 fares against the much more powerful Audi RS5.

The RS5 has 444 HP, compared the i3’s 170 HP, but the much lighter i3 actually give the RS5 a run for its money, even beating it for awhile in the 30 to 140 km/h race.


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Description says something like: This comparison is not for showing off or anything, but about the potential of the pure electric car.

The i3 pulls nicely 20-50mph. From a standstill I think it is software limited like my Focus.

Certainly feels like it in the i3.

It seems like the test was done with a rolling start (typical for drag racing). But I’m pretty certain that the i3 with its instant torque would look even better when the test would have been done from a standstill. 😉

The i3 does not have any useable takeoff from a standstill. Any EV actually can beat it from a dead stop. I’m not so sure about the LEAF though since it is one of the slowest EV’s besides the I-MIEV out there. I have driven an i3 once and it was pretty quick around 20-40MPH, but pretty much ran out of breath after that.


The BMW i3 certainly is an EV. In its standard form, it’s a pure BEV. Even with the optional, crippled range extender bolted on, the i3 REx certainly is an EV.

According to Car & Driver, the i3’s 0-60 time is 7.0 seconds. It’s certainly not gonna win a lot of drag races that way, but then a family sedan isn’t intended to (unless it’s made by Tesla Motors!). By comparison, C&D rates the Leaf at 10.2 seconds.

As far as takeoff speed from a stop, certainly the i3, just like any other well designed BEV, will be pretty peppy compared to the average gasmobile. Even compared to other plug-in EVs, the i3 fares pretty well, even outdoing the Volt 1.0, according to a comparison previously published at InsideEVs:

I can only assume, Brian, that you’ve confused the i3 with some other car.

I have an i3 BEV, and the 0-60 has been measured as low as 6.4 – the REX version with its extra weight runs a few ticks slower. As with any of these 0-60 measurements, the distance traveled depends on the area under the velocity curve. You can have two cars with identical 0-60 times, but an EV like an i3 that is quick off the line could have a couple car lengths on the other car by the time both hit 60 MPH. Outside of Tesla’s products, the i3 is generally the quickest mainstream EV.
I have noticed lag in the BMW electronic controls in general, like there’s a significant digital latency in everything from throttle inputs to even the horn. Whether this affects acceleration off the line, I don’t know, but there could be a limit on the initial current delivered at a start to not overwhelm the small tire patch. Since the battery and motor electronics can handle the current from 10-50 MPH, I wonder if the car could go a bit faster with a smidgen of software.