BMW i3 Trophy Case Packed Full


BMW i3

BMW i3

It’s end of the year time, so we figured we’d look back on the year that was for the most highly awarded electric car of 2014: the BMW i3.

The i3 is a highly innovative breakthrough car that’s deserving of honor.  i3 is one of only a few all-new plug-in vehicles to debut in the U.S. in 2014.

In its first year-plus one the international market, the BMW i3 packed its trophy case full.  Here are just some of the more notable awards that the i3 grabbed:

  • BMW i3 – Green Car of the Year Award 2015
  • BMW i3 – Green Steering Wheel 2013 award from Auto Bild
  • BMW i3 – best car in its class in auto motor und sport’s Best Cars 2014 awards
  • BMW i3 – Two readers’ awards from Auto Zeitung magazine, plus the Auto Trophy 2013 and the Green Mobility Trophy 2014.
  • BMW i3-  UK Car of the Year Award
  • BMW i3 – Next Green Car Award
  • Green Car of the Year Award
  • Fleet Hero Award
  • Winner in its class – Sunday Times Top 100 Cars
  • Special Jury Award in the Swiss Car of the Year Award
  • Win in the French Trophées de l’Argus awards
  • BMW i3 World Green Car of the Year and World Car Design of the Year.
  • German Design Award
  • iF gold product design award
  • Automotive Interiors Expo Award
  • Auto Bild voted the BMW i3 Design Innovation of the Year
  • Raders of Auto Bild Klassik named it Classic of the Future

And the list goes on…

BMW adds:

“Early adopters of the BMW i3 in Germany praise its sporty performance in particular. This is based on a 125 kW/170 hp electric motor, which offers highly responsive acceleration, and advanced chassis engineering. These drivers mainly use their BMW i3 for everyday urban driving and for commuting to work. For the most part they charge the lithium-ion battery overnight, at home. These first customers’ main reasons for buying the first electric vehicle from the BMW Group are its integrated sustainable mobility concept and BMW’s acknowledged technological expertise. Stand-out features of the BMW i3 in the eyes of its first German customers are its carbon-fibre (CFRP) passenger cell, renewable interior materials, mature powertrain engineering, state-of-the-art connectivity, and styling which these customers perceive as “futuristic.”

And lastly, the German automaker makes it known that:

“Demand for this electric vehicle, which can optionally be supplied with a range extender, is outstripping expectations.”

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Considering the light-weight materials, the nice interior, and the interesting REx concept; BMW deserves awards for the i3.

But I still wonder how well the car could have done if it had a beautiful exterior design instead of such a polarizing design. :-/

I definitely applaud BMW. Both for the i3 and the i8.

While I can’t afford an i8 and neither can most people, it is a symbol of what a PHEV can be in terms of style and performance. (granted I wish it had at least an additional 10 miles of range, oh well.) And it has gained a lot of attention, much like Tesla. Tesla and the i8 are both halo cars, one representing pure BEV and the other representing the PHEV halo.

The i3 is polarizing, I agree. Personally, I love it. I wish I owned one. I did the 3 day test drive and even though there were some minor irritations (like the charge door on the back of the car) I overall loved the car.

BMW is going to have several more EVs and PHEVs, mark my words. And I am sure not all of them will be as polarizing.

The Chevy Volt proved that a full awards case doesn’t lead to a successful, profitable, or world-changing product. I’d take B) over A) any day.

Here’s hoping BMW goes back to the drawing board and actually comes up with something world-changing, or that competes with rivals vs. creating a niche nobody wanted and filling a need nobody had.

Nissan’s LEAF took care of the practical city EV category, and the BMW i3 is like the answer to the question nobody asked.

Hi James,

“i3 is like the answer to the question nobody asked” -I think Nisan is good as long as you only intend to drive with a city.

With i3 you can go anywhere. You are not limited to city limits. I have done more than 15,000miles using both electric and patrol engine and I love it.

I think i3 is far better than the Nisan leaf and does not give you the range anxiety.

Ken, Using the term “patrol engine” (I think you mean’t PETROL not PATROL), makes me assume you’re from the UK where the i3 has a larger petrol tank, than the U.S. spec i3. Here in the states the i3 has a 1.9 gallon tank which means the driver must stop every 50-70 miles to refuel when taking a long trip. This is something Americans will not do.

As such, the car has been relegated to a $48,000 dollar city car. Very few will spend that much when a Chevy Volt offers a 300 mile gasoline range for less $$$$ or a Nissan Leaf which offers a city car for a lot less $$$$$.

Even those that are in love with German cars or BMW’s in particular will have a hard time spending their dollars on a car that has such limitations.

There are several things I like about the i3 and several things I don’t like. The worst is,IMO, the 1.9 gallon tank.

And yet the i3 has been selling in numbers very close to that of the Volt. In fact, I suspect the i3 will outsell the Volt this year until the Gen-2 comes to market.

And people said the same thing when Apple came out with the iPad. They said they were trying to fill a need that didn’t exist and that nobody would buy it. Turns out they created a whole new market segment.

I think there is room for more than one car in that category.

I don’t think any one car can meet the nerds of all drivers.. that is why we have the i8…

But this BEV sweety fits the bill for my circumstances… City driving, comfort, sustainability, excellent handling, satisfactory range, and affordable…

Thank you BMW for doing an excellent job!

.. Well we’re really not nerds more like needs…