BMW i3 Tows A Range Rover – Video


BMW i3 Tows Range Rover

BMW i3 Tows Range Rover

Usually, when we hear the words BMW i3 and tow in the same sentence, the reference is to a malfunctioning i3, or an i3 with a flat tire being towed on a flatbed tow truck.

That’s not the case here.

The i3 seen here is not the recipient of the tow, but rather it’s the car doing the towing (or so it appears).

Officially, the i3 is not rated to tow at all, so we don’t recommend this, but it appears as though the i3 tows this Range Rover at low speeds with ease.

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i would think as long as it is at low speeds and on flat ground, it shouldn’t be any harder on the car than trying to climb a steep hill, which it was designed to do.

Pretty much -any- car can tow another if it’s at low speed, on flat even pavement.

At low speed and on flat pavement, there are even videos of guys towing buses.

So this i3 accomplishes nothing.

It nevertheless proves that banning towing is yet another way the oilies conspiracy is using to slow down the spread of vehicle electrification.

Electric vehicles are banned from towing? What, by law?
Somebody needs to remind the manufacturers of battery packs in trailers then…

They Are Both P O S…