BMW i3 To Be Priced Between 35,000 and 40,000 Euros ($43-49K US)

JUN 27 2012 BY STAFF 13

BMW i3 and i8 Concepts In Motion

BMW’s first entry into the electric car business, the i3, will be priced in a range between  35,000 and 40,000 euros ($43,500-$49,700 in USD) when it goes on sale in late 2013 according to Automobilwoche (German).  The source was not named in the article, but was referenced as being close to the automaker.

BMW i3 Worth 43-49K?

This price point will give dedicated BMW some choice for their money, as that will bring it inline with the starting price of their 5-series vehicles. 

While the BMW is only able to carry four passengers, it is spacious enough to make them very large adult passengers.   The electric motor in the BMW i3  powers the rear wheels, and puts out 170HP, and  250 Nm of torque, propelling the car to 60 mph in about 8 seconds.  Range (based on the EPA standard) is expected to be around 90 miles.

The report also mentiones that while BMW has said the  i8 supercar will be priced over 100,000 euros, they expect a closer range estimate to be in the neighborhood of  120000-130000 €.

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I assume that the $49,700 version has the range extender (rather than it being in addition to that). This could be some healthy competition for the Volt. BMW is a much more trusted brand than Chevrolet (quality, performance, etc), and might justify the extra $9k.

There is no range extender, the i3 is a electric only.

Hum… you sure? BMW hired the Volt guy to do the range extender… and they are talking about a 3 cylinder engine.. . not sure if it was diesel or gas.

Yes, a range extender option has been reported to be one of the available options.

We expected this to be a pricey vehicle – it’s wearing a BMW badge after all. However, at $49k it makes the Tesla Model S start to sound more reasonable. I might pay $7k more for 40+ miles of extra range, and more than 3 second improvement in 0-60.
If the i3 is closer to the $45k estimate, then I think it wins my business. Tough call, but it sure is fun figuring it all out!

Im of the same opinion-I see quite a bit of value here at $43,000 over other electrics, but not at $49,000. The tesla S has so much more range and has much more presence and it seats 7 that the i3 would not be a choice for me only $7,000 less.

I’m guessing the base i3 will be $44,975. I’m currently conducting a poll that asks what you would be willing to pay for an i3 and it offers comparison EV statistics. Basically, the i3 will be faster and have a better range than any EV other than the Model S when it launches (unless some secret EV gets unveiled or Infinity get the LE in showrooms soon and does a major battery upgrade from the concept). Anyway take a look and vote, BMW is definitely watching the results 😉

It better be more range than the Honda Fit EV which is 82 miles… It would be nice to see an EPA of over 100…..


EPA range will be between 90 and 95 miles. When it launches next year it will have the highest EPA range of any EV that doesn’t bear a Tesla badge.

Lot’s of BMW lovers posting here. This car is still years away. Meanwhile Tesla is actually shipping a car that looks better in all respects to this car that’s two years away.

Five of the last ten posts on this site have been on the Model S so I think they are doing a good job covering it. The launch of the Model S is definitely the biggest EV news story of late, but there are other things to report. I suspect once some more customers take delivery of the model S we’ll get more info and feedback from actual customers to report on.

Also the i3 is launching in about 15 months, so ‘years away’ is a bit of an overstatement.

+1. Odd looking and less range than the Tesla, if the it doesn’t have range extending capabilities, it’s dead in the water beyond early adopter BMW disciples.

The base i3 is a pure BEV and will have an EPA rating of approx 92MPC. You can order it with the optional range extender which is a three cylinder gas engine.
I think positioning the price directly between the Model S and the LEAF/Focus is warranted because it’s performance and range is between them. Plus, don’t forget you are seeing the concept i3, not the production. It’s going to be a lot less odd looking in production trim.