BMW i3 – Tips From The Track – Video


BMW i3 Tips From The Track

BMW i3 Tips From The Track

“Watch a champion racecar driver push the BMW i3 to the limit to show how it’s built from the ground up for safe driving.”

BMW has released the fourth video in an ongoing series in which we see the BMW i3 on the track.  In this brief clip, BMW focuses on the various safety aspects of the i3.  By safety, BMW doesn’t mean crash-test safety, but rather the various aspects of the i3 that make it safe to drive at speed.  For example, a 50:50 front to rear weight bias, dynamic traction control and so on.

For a refresher on the BMW i3 on-track video series, check out InsideEVs post written by Chris Neff, passenger in the i3 for the entire days worth of on-track filming.

Of note is that Erin Crocker, driver of the i3, has been racing competitively since 7 (NASCAR, Sprint racer, stunt car driver and so on).

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BMW i3 Carves A Line In The Wet

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“One of the best race tricks to know in heavy traffic is to know how to “stop short”.”

Sounds like a Seinfeld episode. It works on a date too.