BMW i3: The Ultimate Electric Driving Machine? (XCAR Video)

JAN 19 2014 BY MARK KANE 7

BMW i3

BMW i3 at 2014 NAIAS

XCAR released a video on the BMW i3 in London in which it was looking for an answer to this question: Is the i3 the ultimate electric driving machine?

“The BMW i3 is the first car from the new “i” sub-brand for eco focused Beemers. Can an all-electric BMW car drive like a BMW? We find out.”

One thing that XCAR discovered is that i3 has a brain!

This is definitely an i3 review worth watching.

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The answer is no 🙂

It definitely is best in technology, hi tech options, efficiency, city maneuverability, etc. So its really a subjective answer.

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gimme a T
gimme an R
gimme an O

ah hell, u know the rest..

Weren’t you the guy who was telling us that the German companies were never actually going to produce any EVs?
Since both the i3 and the E-Up are on the market right now, it would seem that your powers of prognostication are faulty.

Is it a good EV? Yes.
Is it a good car? Yes.
Is it the ultimate driving machine? I don’t think so.

But if the price isn’t a problem for you, it is certainly a good EV to look in to!

It will do well in Europe.

But the market is different in the USA, and it will lose sales because
– the car is small
– the price is high
– it does not do long road trips well