BMW i3 Test Drive Review By New York Times – Video


Here’s a mostly glowing review of the BMW i3 from the New York Times.

“The BMW i3 is a deep dive into what the car of the future should be. It is efficient, sustainable and essentially a think tank on wheels.”

The conclusion: i3 is expensive, but it’s more than transportation.  It’s a glimpse into the future.

BMW i3

BMW i3


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They didn’t drive in circles inside a parking structure so the battery would run out and claim the range is too short for their planned trip?

Broder drove a bit over 1 mile in a parking lot. I’ve done the same thing and more in a large, busy parking lot looking for a free space. He was also given much inaccurate information during the test drive by Tesla Receptionists. But all we here about is this one silly mile.

He also unintentionally illuminated an issue which, at this late date, I was still trying to find hard information on (Namely, cold weather range), but the end result was that this former Tesla owner decided to trade mine in on a much more familiar GM product. I got tired of taking chances, what with objective information being almost non-existant.

And people continually making Snide remarks about a very informative test drive. It was so informative because I used Tesla’s own detailed logging of the drive to do the anslysis.

They didn’t mention it’s the most efficient EV with electric power too.

And the back doors? Really. That’s a problem?? Really?

A reasonable review hitting both the high and low points of the i3.

The back doors are a problem for kids as they are too heavy for them to open (I see they got the car I borrowed to review).

Note: I have kids, a tesla, a leaf, an i3…

The issue with the back doors in the i3 isn’t so much that they are too heavy for kids to open in themselves (my 3 year old can do it).
The primary issue is the ordering of doors opening and closing. If your child gets into the car they can close the passenger back door but not the passenger front door (they can’t reach) … so then you need to get out of the car to go and close the front passenger door.

I was impressed with that review; it packed it a lot of key points in just 5 mins.
Obviously aimed at the general public rather than existing BEV owners, I would be happy to refer someone to that review if they had no knowledge of the i3 and wanted a preliminary impression before considering a test drive.