BMW Sells 1 Of 10 Vehicles With A Plug In July For US, Surprises With Nearly 1,500 Sales i3 Sales

AUG 20 2016 BY MARK KANE 15

BMW i3

BMW i3

BMW still awaits the 33 kWh (94 Ah) upgraded version of the i3 in the U.S. (which gives a range bump to 114 miles), but that didn’t prevent it from setting the second best sales result to date.

The 1,479 units (58% up year-over-year) moved in July was certainly a surprise to everyone, especially after the disastrous first quarter and disappointing first half results.

Since May 2014 through July 2016 BMW has now delivered 21,475 i3s in the U.S, an average of  ~795 per month.

A great July result also bumped the i3’s share of all BMW passenger car sales to 7.5%.

With a total of 2,375 plug-ins sold in last month (i3, i8, X5 xDrive40e and 330e) BMW also achieved a 9.2% share of total passenger and light trucks sales!  That is one plug-in electric vehicle sold out of every 10 BMW overall is just around the corner.

BMW i3 sales in U.S. – July 2016

BMW i3 sales in U.S. – July 2016

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Might be a fleet sale

Might also be that the population begin to see through the lies of BIG OIl and BIG CAR… and begin to trust electrics that they never see stranded on the side of the road and replacing their batteries every 3 years.

In case of i3, just before it get 50% higher battery capacity? Only if dealers/BMW offered very cheap leasing.

Great lease deals right now on 2016 X5 40e’s. MSRP of $74K (loaded) and pending lease deal is $600 per month with 7 MSD’s and minimal drive off – 36/10 lease.

After 4.5 years of Volt driving I was hoping GM would have a Voltec CUV but no. You lost me GM (at least until the Bolt is out).

The 4wd SUV choices are very limited. The Volvo is too big, tired of waiting for the Outlander, the Cayenne SEH is too $$, so that leaves the X5. Yeah, 15 miles of range but I should be able to get to work and charge with that. Might pick up a cheap all electric eGolf or i3 in a year once the Volt lease is up.

Psst, I hear there’s an all electric AWD SUV made by some random company out in California. You should check it out 😉

I considered it but:
– no folding rear seats
– no place for a roof box
– don’t want those complicated doors

Very little utility, which is what I need.

Well, technically the rear seats do fold, it’s the middle ones that don’t. It does have a frunk for a couple of odd ends.

Still waiting on VIA Motors to release a Tahoe and start selling to the public…

LOL. Via Motors = Vaporware.
Tesla will sell 50,000 pickups before Via.

Poor Nissan. No pressure on their next Leaf, really no pressure at all…

So BMW is selling 1 out of 10 vehicles with a plug, and yet there are still some that call BMW a compliance manufacturer… Go figure.

“with a plug” with lousy AER doesn’t always mean “electric”

And 1 out of 10 could increase signaficantly since the plug in 3 series is not very well stocked yet and they are planing a plug in version of all models…

The BMW Olympic ads featuring the i3 have been huge. If the 330e were available in numbers, I would bet August BMW plug-in sales would have challenged the manufacturer spot. The local dealership sold 11 i3’s in one day!

BMW ran lease specials at the lowest prices I’ve seen, to clear out the 2016 model year.
i3 $159/mo + $3,584 down for 36 mo. = $259/mo
i3 REX $199/mo + $3,624 down for 36 mo. = $300/mo
It looks like they were successful. Both local BMW dealers are sold out. I have to go 165 miles to a dealer with 1 in stock.

BTW, 2017 i3 REX will be in stock in a week.

Yup 1 left at the local dealership,put on hold with 3 people fighting for it.