BMW i3 As Support Vehicle At USA Pro Cycling Challenge 2014 – Video


“Team SmartStop, Schneider Electric EVlink and BMW introduce the 1st Electric Vehicle (EV) to be used in a major UCI Professional Cycling event as a Team-Support-Car. Watch this smooth ride from INSIDE the BMWi3 as it keeps the team charged and the air clean for all cyclists.”

States the video description.

Of course, this is far from the first time we’ve seen electric vehicles at major cycling events, but this is the first time to our knowledge that an EV has been deployed as a team support car in the United States at a UCI-sanctioned event.

BMW i3 As Team Support Car

BMW i3 As Team Support Car

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This is a GREAT idea.

I’m a bicyclist
Except for getting hit there’s nothing worse than a car driving by shooting exhaust in your face. It reeks, it gets in your lungs and makes you cough, it’s literally TERRIBLE.

A Zero Emission vehicle is a godsend.

It’s also a great place for the i3 to be. Bicyclists and bicycle enthusiasts are often higher income and also interested in the environment. Many bike instead of driving a car, and many of us hate using our cars. period.

it lessens the sting if we can drive something that’s zero emission on our poor weather days

it’s also nice seeing that bike on the car, since many of us will drive to get out of the city to have nice bicycle rides. What better way to do this then to put our bike on our BEV or Rex?

Very very smart.


This is a great way to introduce the idea of BEVs as desirable mainstream transport.

I would agree with almost everything you said.

However, I would suggest an even better way to get out of town and ride is an e-assist bicycle.

For less than the cost of the wheelset on the bike on top of that i3 you can convert your roadbike into a Lance-beating 100 mile range mid-drive. And averaging 50% higher speed for the same effort means you can push harder in hot weather. It’s like AC for as bicycle.

“However, I would suggest an even better way to get out of town and ride is an e-assist bicycle.” Haha! I think that’s a great idea for a bicycling novice. But my guess is that most bicyclists don’t drive cars out of their metros due to fatigue, they do it because their metros aren’t good places to bike (not safe, bad roads, etc). E bikes don’t really help that. Or they do it to go to Triathlons, etc. You don’t want to tire yourself out before you get there. I live in Minneapolis because we have hundreds of miles of dedicated bike-only paths in the metro. I just bike right from my house 20-40 miles out of the city, bike around for 20-40 miles, and bike back. we only put our bikes on the car when going long distances (like > 100 miles round trip) or to a Triathlon or something. My bootie is a 100 mile range machine! but intra-city driving is hard to do if a bicyclist lives in a place like SoCal, Texas or Atlanta with sprawling terrible extremely non-bike friendly (and frankly dangerous) traffic. so these types of bicyclists often need cars (an E bike may… Read more »

Yes. I spent over a decade hauling my expensive bikes to events on the back of my car. Eventually, I felt guilty polluting to ride my bike, and for the last decade have only ridden from my front door.

Getting into or out of many cities is the biggest challenge. This is all part of the car culture that is so hostile to pedestrians and cyclists. There is a “bicycle friendly” college town near me that is deadly to get to by bicycle.

I live in the country and ride 20-50 miles each way to small towns, for lunch, on my e-assist. I am putting out 100-150 watts for 2-5 hours, 3-4 times a week. It has really improved my times on my carbon roadbike, when I have informal races with my neighbor. 🙂

A good chunk of my drive-to-ride guilt went away when I got my Volt and hooked up the bike rack to it. 4-wheel e-assist to the start with a roof and AC is just fine!

Warren – carbon fiber + e-assist – sounds like you have one of those mythical “seat tube” e-assist motors that Fabian Cancellara was rumored to have in his bike!

The roadbike is carbon fiber, which adds zero to my average speed compared to my 42 year old steel roadbike by the way. The electric is based on a 20 year old aluminum bike built by a grain elevator manufacturer.

Exactly, all gas vehicles should be BANNED.
There are Electric Motorcycles also for sale.

Very nice, not sure how I missed this as they zipped passed us 4 times in colorado springs

I watched the race on TV and didn’t see the car either. I can’t believe this is the first time I have seen this.

I’ve been saying to my cycling buddies the past couple of years that pro bike races will be among the first to adopt EV’s en-masse as team cars, moto-photographers and referees, etc.

The racers are now immersed for hours in ICE vehicle exhaust while taxing their aerobic systems to the max. Once they have a taste of no-emission EV’s on the race, they’ll demand it of everyone.

Some people may have forgotten, but Lance Armstrong received the first US Nissan LEAF and was sponsored by Nissan. He was vocal against the exhaust fumes inhaled during races.

Nissan let the partnership quietly disappear for obvious reasons.

Here is an ad he did for them:

And a picture of his LEAF:

I absolutely remember that. I was immensely jealous. I don’t have the genes to be a pro athlete. Even drugs wouldn’t get me to that level, but my e-assist allows me to feel like the bionic man.

The all new BMW i3 (BMW Mega City Vehicle) five-door urban electric car is going places.