BMW i3 Super Bowl Commercial Ups i3 Traffic On By 583%

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Screen Capture Of Homepage

Screen Capture Of Homepage

Mercedes-Benz and BMW saw the most significant spikes in traffic on after their ads ran during Super Bowl XLIX.

By the end of the game, the Mercedes-Benz AMG GT had the biggest cumulative spike in traffic, with a 2189% jump over previous Sunday averages on The BMW i3 captured the second most buzz on; its cumulative traffic climbed 583%.

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“Even though these two advertised vehicles are likely to be sold in small volume to niche audiences, the BMW and Mercedes brands will enjoy the overall buzz they have generated, especially as both continue their efforts to grow their overall reach into new car shopper segments,” said Sr. Analyst Jessica Caldwell. “Both brands will be quite happy that the millions of dollars they invested had the desired effect.”

Vehicles With Largest Cumulative Traffic Increases on
During Super Bowl








RC 350








Cumulative Lifts in Site Traffic to Super Bowl Advertisers’ Pages*

















*Lifts determined by comparing unique mobile and desktop traffic on’s make and model pages against average Sunday traffic levels. also tracked the immediate traffic lifts enjoyed by Super Bowl advertisers as and after their commercials ran:

  • Chevrolet sponsored the pre-game show and showed four Colorado ads; site traffic to Colorado pages increased 25% during the pregame and 1104% during the first quarter of the game
  • During the third quarter of the game, Dodge Challenger ads lifted its traffic on Edmunds 232%
  • Fiat 500x increased 3981% in the moments following its second quarter ads; interest remained high in the third quarter, delivering a 986% lift for the vehicle
  • Jeep Renegade was advertised in the third quarter of the game and traffic to its pages immediately increased 1031%; during fourth quarter the increase was 5720%
  • Kia Sorento traffic increased 213% immediately following its third quarter ad
  • Lexus NX’s second quarter ad generated an increase of 341%. The brand did even better immediately after its RC 350 ad ran in the third quarter, increasing vehicle’s page traffic on Edmunds 5702%. The RC continued to enjoy success in the fourth quarter with a 690% lift in traffic to its pages on
  • MINI sponsored an early part of the pre-game show and showed five ads; site traffic to MINI Cooper increased 48% during that period
  • Nissan brand consideration increased 90% immediately following its second quarter ad
  • In the moments following its halftime ad, Toyota Camry site traffic increased 364% analysts noted especially strong activity at halftime for vehicles that advertised earlier during the Super Bowl:

  • Fiat 500x increased 14627%
  • BMW i3 increased 1807%
  • BMW i8 increased 501%
  • Chevrolet Colorado increased 421%
  • MINI Cooper increased 258%

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As an EV enthusiast and owner I’m excited about the exposure to new potential customers this type of advertising creates. Early adopters have been answering the typical EV concerns and doubts for many years. We need to be prepared for a new wave of people who are hearing the message for the first time.

This website is a satellite fanpage of BMWblog – evidently.

Why so negative? Can’t you say anything positive once in a while?

What’s wrong with an EV site being a “fanboy” of an EV?

In the last 24 hours we’ve had stories (reverse order) on BMW Tesla, white house, Volvo, volvo, Renault, Ford, Renault, Electricity pain, ICE to EV switching, Chevy, Mitsubishi, Sales Report.

What’s your beef? Angry that BMW put out a good commercial that laypeople liked?

<- they put out a commercial that Tesla people like too… even Elon Musk is pleased that other OEMs are putting some effort into EVs


Ever read Motor Trend, Car & Driver or Automobile Magazine? Pretty much across the board, those guys ( not EV enthusiasts, but for a very scarce few individuals-even open-minded towards EVs ) write about BMW as if God formed the company on the eighth day. If you read car comparisons over the years, you may have noticed extreme biases rising to the top – as when other makers’ cars have actually beat the BMW 3 Series, or M5 in nearly every category, but finished behind the “Holy BMW” in the end rankings! You may say BMW deserves big kudos for i3. I disagree. BMW has been quoted for it’s true motivation for making the i3 or the completely unattainable i8. The major priorities were developing an assembly process with less workers, more automation and less cost, and that theme persists in a small battery pack and elsewhere. Now that would be a great positive if that savings found it’s way to the customer – to you – the consumer. But it doesn’t. i3 has pedestrian EV capabilities, same as other cars made of steel, converted to an EV as an afterthought. You can harp all you like about 0-60 in… Read more »

Yep. German cars are overpriced over engineered comfortable to ride in (when running) junk.

BMW just didn’t jump on the American hunger for SUV bandwagon, they embraced it. Look at their product line of ICE gas-gulpers and be astounded. Germans joined the ranks of those hoping to profit big from American’s love of the big, tall, inefficient station wagon with “sport” as a title. They are tall, they push a lot of wind, and have tons of turbulence whirling around underneath them as they whizz down the freeway. After them swirls a huge amount of aero drag. So many fawn for 3 row seating. “I need that!” they claim. Yet behind those seats lies a tall, very short storage area smaller than many sedan’s trunks. Some, who deny the hate of the minivan image and the idea that a tall station wagon is “sporty” as impetus for purchase, say – “I like to be up high, I feel it’s safer to see the road ahead!”. I hear them. Yet the higher vehicle doesn’t trade inefficiency for safety, as a taller vehicle is more likely to tip and flip. Still, the herd goes for the tall station wagon. Today, the trend it to make tiny ones, to get better MPG but still sell the form… Read more »

James, our resident curmudgeon, in a good way.
Personally I get a bit peeved at those who worship at the altar of Bmw. They have gotten a lot of mileage out of a reputation, that while it proves they can make a decent car, not all cars they make are good, and certainly few are affordable. Also Motorweek, a program I really enjoy, is gaga over Bmw. It gets a bit tiresome.

BTW…did I mention my solar panels …I’m done with gasoline … so when I went BEV shopping here in AZ basically my BEV choices were T’s, i3’s or L’s….

If I listen to your opinion I’d still be driving an ICE …cause I wasn’t going to pay for a T with range I just didn’t need….the L..what can I say it was a disappointment in performance and design.

the i3 ..well I just loved it the moment I sat down after sitting in the other two first…it’s not just about having an opinion it about driving and living with a car..and the i3 was the only car that fit the bill for me and my needs…I’m very thankful that BMW produced such an innovative and affordable car that lets me start living more fully off clean solar energy today….I still have an 95 M3 but i keep that beauty for nostalgia..the i3 is the car I drive everyday..and this is all my opinion but it’s based on owning and living with this car of the future.

Listen ..and no joking around.. I’ve been driving the car for 4 months and ever since I took that 3 day test drive I know I found the EV that would meet my needs..comfort, range, performance, sustainability, affordable (my savings in operating an EV like the i3 on solar power is actually paying my annual car payments), and just a fun car to drive…and I’m not a BMW “sales man”, I’m retired and just want to do my part to improve the environment and healthy living…promoting any EV that will reduces the consumption of fossil fuels…This car fits my bill and I’m very grateful that BMW produces the BEV today, and that its just not a promise of something to come in 3-5 years and Tesla and GMC keep spouting….

Um, you left out GE Bush’s “…End of Major Combat Operations..” from your listing of political diatribes?

Actually, it was George H Bush who said “Read my lips…”.

You are correct sir – I meant to say George H.W. Bush but left out the H…thanks for the correction.

Aha! Yes, the Mission Accomplished debacle…haha… Point is, there are Democrats and Republicans on the Oil/Gas Industry take. I won’t highlight one over the other. Although a point could be taken that in recent years one particular party has a good majority of it’s members with hands out and coffers open to the American Energy Industry.

The only hting I learn from your comments is that every one is entitled to their opinion..but having the i3 for 4 months and having 3500 miles ..i love the car, it’s performance, its comfort, its styling, its roominess, and I look forward to driving it every day getting 4.4 miles.kWh..but oh I also don’t have to worry about that cause my driving range is well within the 90 miles I get on a full charge..and with my solar power I will actually get back every penny I paid for it over the years I own like i drive for free. I have no complaints. It’s just a great car to drive and that is my opinion based on owning and actually driving this car.

btw as an OWNER and actually driving and using the i3 I find that the rear door configuration is great..makes access easy and contributes to the car’s compact efficient design. On occasion we have a child’s car seat in the back and also two additional passengers ..entry and exit was much much easier than if the car was a two door..but since this is only on occasion it works ..the rest of the time throwing thing in the back seat and then retrieving them is much more convenient than a traditional four door have to own and live with a car to have a rational and meaning full opinion based on real life experience…otherwise it just your imagination formulating what you think.

Jeez, someone have some BMW issues here…

So you are saying “i3 has pedestrian EV capabilities”

Did you check the last consumer report? The i3 is the most efficient production car. Yeah, very pedestrian and it does it by a long shot.

Cost? Well cost per kWh isn’t great but it’s not bad either.

Performance, between 6.5 to 7.2 sec to reach 100mph. Not too bad for an EV, which one does better? Tesla, the Spark?

Range? No it’s not Tesla, but who need Tesla range for everyday driving? I know I don’t. And the i3 is near the top as far as range is concern.

The i3 is a balanced car, they did make compromised on some aspect, but even with those compromise, the end product is well balanced.

I never owned a BMW before I got the i3. It’s a good, no, great EV. The fact you don’t like BMW is one thing, but your grief is misdirected when it come to the i3.

He is always a negative nanny when it comes technology breaking BMWs.

Naw . . . BMW is just really smart about dribbling little chunks of info that can easily be used to create stories in the specialized press segments.

It will be interesting to see how the increased exposure will affect i3 sales for February and onward. Seeing that it is already outselling the Volt, 2015 will be a great year for the i3. Bring on the i5 and other models.

The BMW I3 Rex can not maintain highway speeds of 71 MPH or higher in range extended mode. BMW needs to run a lot of commercials to compensate for that.

So you can’t break the law? Oh no.

Actually, you very much will be able to, just not for 1 hour straight… Oh no! indeed.

Non-issue, except probably, ironically, on Germans Autobahnen.

I test drove an i3 for 3 days. On the last day I ran it out of juice just to test the Rex. I drove for 30 minutes on the highway at 75 mph, without issue. Granted, it wasn’t up a mountain pass or anything. But I say that the negative crap being spewed about the range extender is greatly exaggerated.

Oh, And with 80-ish miles of EV range, I imagine if I bought one of these I’d probably only use the range extender 3 or 4 times per year. Which sort of makes it a moot point anyway.

I refrain from calling other people, “stupid”. We’re all flawed individuals with biases and varied backgrounds. I don’t consciously avoid identifying someone as “foolish” or a particular behavior as illogical. Several people who’ve visited this website have called me out on i3 and claimed it’s worth the money because of it’s 0-60 time. Others have said journalists say it handles well. Yet they missed other journalists that have pointed out the skinny tires and tall figure of i3 give it only average, to less-than-average turning ability and skidpad results for it’s size and category of car. 0 – 60mph at 7.5 seconds is not “fast”. It’s not even “quick”, compared to sport subcompacts that have an MSRP half that of i3. And if you compare i3 to another EV or PHEV purchase, then it may be one second or so quicker ( given the weight of ReX i3 vs. non-ReX ) – yet if you punch the go-pedal of your i3 at stoplights, you’ve just reduced your total range by a significant chunk. That range is average by city BEV standards already. So tell me how zooming around in a minivan from Mars is cool or even looks remotely cool?… Read more »

What are your thoughts about the i3 being the most fuel efficient production car ever rated by the EPA? This is counting any type of fuel. This seems to be a huge engineering feat and may be worth the price if someone was seeking out this feature similar to quickness and range. I think what is great about the i3 is it can achieve that fuel efficiency and still be a decent car in the other categories such as range, acceleration, braking, nimbleness, luxurious and fun to drive as well.

BMW is my least fave car maker and I would consider buying an I3. I am just waiting a couple years to see how they fare. Seems like a great car but….. we’ll see.

“So tell me how zooming around in a minivan from Mars is cool or even looks remotely cool? Instead, it would make that individual look….Foolish? Especially knowing they paid $45-53,000 for the privilege!”

I don’t care if I’m cool or look cool, but I value driving the most efficient EV available. I traded in my i-MiEV for an i3 BEV because of the i3’s greater range, similar very compact exterior size and relatively spacious interior size, almost identical light weight due to its very novel construction, and rust-free future … and I don’t feel at all foolish paying for the privilege.

I support manufacturers who offer a car that points to the future. I bought a 2000 Honda Insight for many of the same reasons despite many decrying my paying so much for a tiny 2-seat car. Being all-aluminum, it weighs less than 1,900 pounds, but such construction is expensive, as is that of the i3.

I agree with many of your views on other matters, but I strongly disagree with your i3 views.

So…You paid gladly for the technology even if it doesn’t further the breed. You still seem to miss the point. All that CFRP, skinny tires, eucalyptus wood and gadgetry still gives you a car with LEAF capabilities sans one seating position. Add the cost of maintenance and body repair and you’re paying dearly for all that “perceived” efficiency. Seems today, the only defense given of the price of admission for i3 is it’s “most efficient”…But like I said, with it’s limited range, small battery – who benefits from this efficiency? BMW does. Less cost to manufacture, but a high cost to you. People in the free world vote with their wallets. If we buy this stuff – and are satisfied with the PR and the fluff, how shall we expect anyone else to actually make an EV with improved range for an affordable enough price to make it mainstream? Sure, if some rich dude enjoys all the tech in making a car of different materials and has the $50,000 to pay for it – he should be free to cast that vote. “Efficiency” is a broad term. Fiscally efficient? i3 is not. Not even close. Seats 4, range of 80… Read more »
Guys buy Swiss watches. I’ve noticed lots of upscale car guys wear ’em. Some of them even admit their expensive mechanical marvel Swiss timepiece isn’t as accurate, reliable nor near as affordable as a Quartz timepiece by a Japanese brand like Seiko. “Why did you buy it then?” – you may ask. They bought it because they’re geeks who love complex mechanical devices and are fascinated by the workings and even the cache owning the watch provides. Does it make sense? Not in the least. Is it an exorbitance, a luxury – a bit selfish and naughty pleasure? A bit – yes. I’ve not ever heard anyone try to justify it in a logical sense. No big deal – guy likes a watch, buy it. Now cars. Do guys buy silly classics they need to work on constantly? Ask any British sports car lover! LOL. It needs them…constantly – but that’s part of their appeal. It’s a hobby. If we all went out and bought Morgans or Stanley Steamers, we’d have cleaner air and less crowded roadways because we’d all be at home working on our mechanical beast. But that’s not what electric transportation is all about. It’s about changing… Read more »

“But like I said, with it’s limited range, small battery” Here you go again! posting mis-information that sounds like it’s meaningful..

Range is what you need it to be, and for me a range of 90-100 miles has proven to be excessive but comfortable…level 1 charging is also adequate for me…

btw, 90 mile range addresses the range of 90%+ of what US driver actual use…based on actual driver needs the i3’s range doesn’t sound limited to me

Misinformation is a disservice to EV adoption and furthers the agenda of big oil and the countries that live off their outrageous profits without concern about the damage to the environment..but you are entitled to your opinion and the imaginings that create it.

+1 fully loaded i3 cost me $38k…and I save 800 per year on insurance, 500 on registration fees, 1000 on maintenance, 3000 on fuel, and I get to drive one of the best EV’s now available…very affordable IMHO..but of course not for everyone…

You do spend a lot of energy (and words) to say the i3 is not for you. Emphasis on YOU.

A new EV on the road is a good EV. Leaf, Kia Soul, Volt, Tesla. It doesn’t matter.

No one here says the i3 is perfect. No car is. It’s a personal choice, it’s a compromise.

It’s clearly not yours, we got that from your first post.

So tell us, what’s your choice? What car is so perfect to your eyes to justify your on going rumbling?

Do you even own an EV?

+2 🙂

I hope the attention translates into sales.

BMW needs to build a more sexy but affordable EV. The i3 is not that sexy . . . and the i8 is not an EV IMHO and not affordable.

Seems like a story for the advertising industry. Up 583% sounds great but what was the base. Cadillac ELR sales were up 124% last month but they were still tiny.

To decided if the ad was effective you’d want to know: How much did the ad cost? How many clicks were added? How many of these clicks will turn into purchases?

Lots of big percentages here, but what does this really mean? Does it mean normal traffic is only 3 people, and now 10 people looked at it?

I was at the Philly Auto Show yesterday and all I can say is that, unlike last year, the i3 was a hit this time among the crowd, at least in terms of attention. I overheard both positive and negative comments, so it’s clearly a polarizing car. One little kid, his face beaming, was shouting to his dad that it was the car from the Super Bowl commercial.

As nice at it is, the much higher numbers for the Mercedes commercial seem to indicate that most Super Bowl watchers are more interested in gas-powered high end sports cars …

It struck me as funny, just now, the headline “Hello Football”, in that the Bmw i3 looks like a football. For best efficiency keep tires fully inflated.

Jay – imagine, just for a moment the

hurray! you will hear, once you decide to modify the site, and allow readers to easily Ignore certain posters. Imagine how those ‘ignore this user’ numbers will climb every time He gets into his pops and posts over 15% of the responses (judiciously Ignoring line count, lol, as 45% sounds so inexcusable).

Presently, at least they are self-aggrandizing enough to attach a web site so we can be impressed by their avatar and easily scroll past the hundreds of lines of drunken spittle, but having that entire conversation auto-removed and avoiding the destruction that it causes to otherwise reasonable dialog would be a welcome blessing in 2015.

Thank you for reading.