BMW i3 Super Bowl Commercial Revealed On Today Show – Video


The Old Days

The Old Days

In 1994, no one knew how big the internet would be.

21 years later, a new big idea has people scratching their heads again.


That’s the description for BMW’s i3 Super Bowl commercial, of which we got an early peak at on the Today Show this morning.

Here’s how TODAY explains the i3 advertisement:

The ad starts with a famous 1994 clip from TODAY where the two are faced with the task of trying to tell their viewers how to send an email to NBC. The anchors are confused by the format of the email address and try to puzzle out the meaning of the “at” symbol.

“Katie said she thought it was about,”says Gumbel in the classic TODAY moment.

“Or around,” says Couric.

BMW i3 Super Bowl Ad

BMW i3 Super Bowl Ad

“I’ve never heard it said, I’ve only seen the mark,” continues Gumbel. “What is ‘Internet’ anyway, do you write to it like mail?”“Allison,” Couric asks her producer and begins listening to her earpiece, “can you explain what ‘Internet’ is?”

Cut to present day. The two are seated in BMW’s new all-electric car built in a carbon neutral wind-powered factory. As before, they’re a bit befuddled by the gizmo.

“And it’s built using wind, like from a wind mill?” asks Gumbel.

“Or a fan? Or a turbine? Or a fan…vine?” says Couric.

“What is i3 anyway?” asks Gumbel.

“Allison,” Couric says into a cellphone, “can you explain what i3 is?”

Initial impressions of the commercial are positive.  We’ll see it again this coming Sunday during Super Bowl XLIX.  The commercial will air during the first quarter, marking BMW’s return to Super Bowl advertising after a 4-year hiatus.

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22 Comments on "BMW i3 Super Bowl Commercial Revealed On Today Show – Video"

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I wish they would have said more about EVs. Not really any info other than “Hey this is new”.

Alonso Perez

I think it also says: “This is going to be big.”

Johnny GT

Totally Agree.

David Murray

Well… I’m not sure what to say. I was hoping for something better. Something more “exciting.” But it is certainly better than anything GM has done.


I liked the Volt ads with real owner testimonials.


That’s a great ad. Says what’s coming, and doesn’t try to explain too much. It’s a super bowl commercial, not meant to be repeated much.

If were going i3, it would be white.


..oops, meant separate post. The Volt adds had their moments (“crapload”), but could be low budget torture, too.


I think the Ad with the two men in the restaurant “talking” about the acceleration is funnier and better.


I don’t speak German, but still found that ad funny.


Or was that Dutch?

Eric Loveday

Dutch…and agreed it’s hilarious and much better than the Super Bowl ad:




Speaking of nothing under the hood…

Brian F

Love it. Great teaser ad.

Micke Larsson

I’m very disappointed. It’s an awsome machine with lots of gadgets and features, driving ability, efficiency, quietness, cleaness etc. and there is so much they could do.

They still don’t know how to advertise electric vehicles.

One idea would have been to show some of the advantages in vivid colours with flashbacks to a grey dystopian past. Like a few seconds no pollution with a mom with a child walking and breathing and a runner passing by, then a few seconds flashback to a greyish world with people caughing and mun guards being used.

Charging at home seeing the bank account slowly count down vs. a greyish dystopian filling up at a gas station and seeing the bank account rapidly count down.

A race at the stop light with the i3 beating an ICE with half the picture being vivid and half being greyish.

Etc. etc.

You would have been able to get A LOT of information and inspiration in just a minunte.


I think the “greyish dystopian” ads are overdone. Apple did it in 1984, and it was very successful, and there have been so many knockoffs since.


Can’t see the video, but think previous comments missed the point of the ad being that EV’s is the next big tech advance/lifestyle changing event like the internet was.

MTN Ranger

Best part of that video was the comments made by Trudy Hardy, VP of marketing, at the end.


At first I thought he said he said “Do you torque?”. Now that would be a good tag line for EVs.

Dan Hue

I think the ad is very good. Clever in the way it projects you in the future by sending you back in time, with the Internet so ubiquitous today, but so edgy at the time. I agree with other commenters that there were other good i3 ads, but this one does not take anything away from the others. Each one brings its own perspective, and it’s always a mistake to try to push too much information in one ad.


I received a phone call last night about the BMW wind powered car. I deal in wind power so this intrigued me. Mainly because I had a similiar idea 2 years ago to use wind energy to power a vehicle. I think it is wonderful that people are begining to realize how much more power you get from wind energy. Overcoming the resistance and weight of a wind powered car is no easy task so congrats to BMW. You will see the wind powered car being produced by many different manufacturers in time and will get better and better. As long as the oil companies dont put a halt to the development.