BMW i3 Super Bowl Commercial Gets Positive Reactions

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BMW i3 Super Bowl Ad

BMW i3 Super Bowl Ad

The New England Patriots just won the 2015 Super Bowl, the global event that gathers 1 billion viewers.

BMW chose to return to Super Bowl commercials after four years with an ad promoting the BMW i3 electric vehicle.

The 30-second ad ran in the first quarter of the game, an ideal placement that guarantees the most eyeballs.

A few days ago, we ran an article on whether the BMW i3 commercial will be hit. The commercial, featuring Katie Couric and Bryant Gumbel, juxtaposes the famous 1994 Today Show clip of Couric and Gumbel’s initial confusion surrounding “what is the internet?”, to Katie and Bryant in 2015 grasping the newfangled concept of the revolutionary BMW i3.

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BMW released the i3 ad this past Monday and immediately the company saw some return on investment, but judging by the social media response to the smart and entertaining commercial, further success is expected, including lots of traffic to the BMWUSA website.

A simple search on Twitter reveals mostly positive reactions, with some users getting interested in buying the new i3. Here are a few tweets.





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great news. Although I’ve skimmed through the comments on the youtube video and there are the standard anti-EV comments, as usual. Also some people criticizing BMW for producing a “golf cart” and other nonsense. However, in contrast to several years ago the anti-EV trolls are in the minority now. I’d say it is 95% positive or neutral comments, and 5% negative. If you go back 3 or 4 years ago there were so many anti-EV trolls that they literally owned the comments section of news stories or youtube videos. So this is good news.

Definite paradigm shift.

Interesting observation. That is definitely a good sign!

I really thought the Nissan “Cats in the Craddle” and the…prototype race car, didn’t work too well. Then, the spot with the fancy work up, to what I thought was going to be some dream machine, ends up being the 2015 Camry. Woo-Hoo.

I liked the i3 ad before it aired, and so many other spots just seemed to miss this year.

The end of the commercial was nothing like the end of the “Cats in the Cradle” song.

At $4 million it had better have a significant impact.

Tesla would have spend the money on 25 “free to use” Superchargers…I wonder which of the 2 strategies has more marketing value. I think I know…

BMW’s ad is helpful to all electric cars including Tesla. The ad was more EV centric (internet and EV’s revolutionizing our world) than BMW i3 centric.

It was he only electric car ad in the Superbowl and the fact that it has been rated so highly is a huge shift in public perception towards EV.

Truly a generous and great ad that helps all EV’s.

I’m sure a big neon sign near free to use quickchargers saying: “Fill up your car for free here” would also go a long way in helping EV adoption, but you are right: it was a nice commercial. A nice $4.5 million commercial though.

If not more, cause I think that is the rate for 30 seconds and this was a 60 second commercial. 60 seconds as opposed to 30 quick charge stations that last for decades. It’s that bizarre contrast that fascinated me.

SCs are not “free to use” either. You just pay upfront.

sort of…


If Tesla’s Model III were available then I’d agree with you. However, the I3 and the Model S are not competitors. I liked the spot, my adult daughter liked it and overall it was a fun approach. FWIW, I am seeing more I3’s out on my local Philly area roads. Surprised me,as I thought some people would be put off by the unusual shape(hah, kind of wacky comment coming from me as I used to drive a Mitsu I-MiEV!).


It’s not competition for Tesla I’m worried about. Until BMW comes up with a 200+ mile EV supported by free to use high output quickchargers it’s not going to be a direct competitor for Tesla anyway.

..and once it has that free to use quickcharger infrastructure in place I’m sure it has no more use for $4.5+million 60 second commercials.

superchargers are useless to anyone who doesn’t already own a Tesla. So how does that bring in new customers? Sure, you might argue that some people won’t buy a Tesla unless the superchargers are in place. But what about people who don’t know about Tesla in the first place? Being that BMW doesn’t have nearly the free-marketing blitz that Tesla gets, I think the money was well spent.

I agree. In addition, BMW sells 60x as many cars a Tesla in a competitive luxury market. Tesla doesn’t need to advertise at this point because they are selling all they can manufacture. Someday, they will begin be using mass media advertising.

BMW’s ad benefits the entire brand.

The brand’s value is based on a history of technological superiority. They have to keep investing in that image.

Tesla’s zero-cost marketing is innovative, but they’re relying on it for only ~50k sales this year. BMW sells over 2M per year.

history of technological superiority? Thats a good one.

Just look at how many International engine of the year awards BMW has won. They have been on the cutting edge when it comes to mass utilization of so many advanced technologies. Elipsoid headlights back in 1988. Now laser. Valvetronic throttle control. BMW was the first to employ the hot bank twin turbo V8 recently…Audi, and Mercedes all use the same configuration at least two years later.

If you send an email to that address, BMW will send you a link to a page where you can enter to win an i3 and other goodies.

I’ll take one.

1 billion? No even the World Cup or Olympics get a billion viewers. The game yesterday raiitigs was 115 Millions

“the global event that gathers 1 billion viewers.”

Yes, I was one of them, but still, I’m dumbfounded by that statement. There are over 300 million in the USA, and not all were watching, so at least 67%, if not 80%, of that 1 billion vewership are international. Why?!? The commercials?!?