More Facelifted BMW i3 Spy Photos Surface

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BMW i3 Facelift Spy Photos

BMW i3 facelift spied again – but still doesn’t show much

This is what the new i3 looks like… or at least part of it.

The BMW i3 is due for a refresh. Already we know that the electric hatchback could get a sporty ‘S’ iteration – which we’ve seen testing – and now the updated Bimmer is back for a third set of spy photos, showing off… well, not much.

Like the two sets of spy photos before it, the overall shape of the new i3 doesn’t change much from the outgoing model. A healthy amount of camouflage on the lower half and the rear keeps most of the updated details under wraps. But overall, BMW is painting a pretty familiar picture.

As far as power is concerned, earlier reports suggest that the sporty i3S could come with as much as 200 horsepower (149 kilowatts) and 184 pound-feet (249 Newton-meters of torque. That would be a significant improvement on top of the currently available 168 horsepower (125 kilowatts) and 184 pound-feet (249 Newton-meters) of torque.

BMW i3 Facelift Spy Photos

With all that added oomph, the i3S will reportedly sprint to 62 miles per hour (100 kilometers per hour) in just under seven seconds, and improve upon its 93 mph (150 kmh) top speed. Range is also expected to get an update by nearly 50 percent. The new i3 could get as much as 200 miles (321 kilometers) on a single charge.

Along with the new i3S, the entirety of the range is expected to get improvements aplenty. Things like a new, more ergonomic cabin, a range of color options, and a few styling tweaks both inside and out will give buyers more incentive to opt for the new model.

BMW estimates that EVs could make up as much as 15 to 25 percent of the automaker’s volume by 2025. Already the company has moved around 60,000 i3s and 10,000 i8s since the two cars were introduced in 2013. The new i3 will make it debut later in the year and is expected to go on sale near the beginning of 2018. No word on pricing, but it should stay somewhere under the $45,000 mark starting off.

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13 responses to "More Facelifted BMW i3 Spy Photos Surface"

  1. ijonjack says:

    The Band Aid effect can only remedy small Issues..Never have I seen anyone put on such a display ,0f Beating a “DEAD H0RSE” to Oblivium ! ..It’s time to start with a Clean Fresh Sheet of paper..Because I still Believe that the Concept is Good & has Great Potential when properly executed , it needs Refinement ..

    1. MrX says:

      You having a bad day? It’s a fantastic car.

    2. Big Solar says:

      I like it and I am a BMW hater.

      1. hector says:

        I think that sums up very well what represents the i3.

  2. Tony Marco says:

    Lovin’ my i3 Rex!!!!

    Let’s double the battery!

    1. Fred says:

      +1. Double the battery (+REX), and it’s all the car you’ll ever need! Another option is to double the battery up to 44Kwh, and give people the option to remove the REX and install an extra 7-8Kwh where the REX used to be. 52Kwh would give a realistic winter range of 300Km/186miles.

  3. CLIVE says:

    Needs twice the range

    Twice the tyres

    W/ 2 eMotors

  4. Adam says:

    I don’t understand the hate for the i3. Outside of Tesla, it’s easily the most impressive EV on the market, I mean the body is made from Carbon Fibre for Petes sake. It has great efficiency, has a REX option allowing you to choose how green you need to be.

    It also has great RWD drive characteristics.

    Sure, range could be better, and only four seats is somewhat weird.

    Styling is subjective, but I quite dig it, and I’m into all sorts of cars. Perhaps it is more out of place in the US with Macho truck culture, but I believe its of little concern elsewhere.

    My biggest gripe are the suicide doors, but I’ll let them off.

    I have great hopes for the next BMW i car.

    1. CLIVE says:

      I have great hope too,

      Twice the range on the BEV

      Tyres that make the car rock solid.

      And the eMotors in the front and rear

  5. 3laine says:

    The original BEV i3 did 0-60 in 6.5s, so I would hope the i3S could do it at least that fast with 20% more power, despite the added battery weight.

  6. Howdie says:

    Having lived with an i3 for over 2 1/2 years and diving 100km each day the car is simply amazing and can’t wait for the next model and Will be staying electric

  7. Benjamin says:

    Needs more useful rear doors.

  8. Robert says:

    Have a Model S and an i3 BEV. Both are great cars and I love driving them both. Good bye gas.. forever. The i3 is no slouch, roomy interior and I’m 6’3″. Have a few kids to boot and it’s our around town family car. Greater range will be nice one day but it more than suits our daily needs. Very well made vehicle. My wife actually likes it better than the Tesla as it’s easier to maneuver into parking spots and it’s nimble and quick.