BMW i3 On Spanish Race Track – Video

OCT 31 2014 BY STAFF 6

You don’t get to see many BMW i3s on a race track so coming across a video showing the electric car tracking with other cars was bound for sharing.  One of the only other times we have seen the i3 on the track was when Chris Neff paired up with Erin Crocker, Nascar driver.

The following video comes courtesy of Movilidaelectrica and features a BMW i3 wrapped up in a blue vinyl.

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The car belongs to Puky Pedro, the first customer to receive the i3 in Spain and this is what he had to say about his track experience:

“The BMW i3 is more fun than it looks on track, very light, quick accelerations and decelerations. It helps its strong restraint and only penalize failure to deactivate the stability control, suspension geometry, a little high and fairly soft for a circuit and the front tires that are somewhat narrow. Perhaps with a little more pressure might go better. But in any case, if we think for a moment that this is an electric car, it is amazing and authentic beauty … We have entered the circuit with 130 km of autonomy and out scored 100 We have given 3 full turns equivalent to 11.5 miles. Tires are in pristine condition, have not been visible wear. We will repeat this experience in the future under even more extreme “conditions.”

Here is the video:

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In other words, the car is efficient on the track too. Nice!

will the BEV I3 go as far as the leaf? my leaf tends to go about 90 miles on average. anyone have experience? i was thinking of trading the leaf and i miev in on one.

From your Leaf range, it appears you mostly do under 55MPH. The i3 excels at lower speeds due to the very low weight (as opposed to highway where its aerodynamics hurt it). Why don’t you take one of the two-three day test drives and find out for your specific commute.

Results will obviously vary, but for reference my all-time consumtion average is 4.8 mi/kWh. My current average since last trip reset is 4.9 mi/kWh. My current battery states matches. Since my last charge I’m driven 41 mi on 45% which puts me on track for 91 mi of range for my current charge. This is 65/35 HWY/Street in LA not exceeding the speed limit.

Oh, and that’s all in EcoPro mode, which is more than enough to dust most cars off the line still (as opposed to full power Comfort Mode).

good fun, thanks!
I wish there was a way to put everyone on a good track at least once in their lives. Everything that you thought you knew about your car and its consumables is thrown out the window, for instance, LOL.
Not about going faster initially, it’s about not busting things in the process.. theory and practice seldom mesh with average drivers..