BMW i3 Sound Testing – Video


As you’d expect, sound testing the BMW i3 is a dull experience.

Throughout the video, you’ll see BMW conducting various sound tests on the i3.  Problem is, electric cars are so close to silent that the video itself is boring.

Crank up the volume if you hope to hear the i3.  Even with the volume on high, much of the video will still sound like it’s on mute.

Wonder How Loud This Will Be?

Wonder How Loud This Will Be?

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The problem with this kind of videos is that you can hear the sounds, but since there is no reference, you can’t judge how loud the sounds actually are.

I noticed the same thing.

Play that Rock Music Baby…

I’d really like to get a direct comparison in outside sound emission between the i3, the Leaf, the Tesla and a few reference ICEs including a fat SUV with with tires.
At different speed levels like 30, 60, 90 mph.