BMW i3 – Silence Is Golden – Video


i3 Drives By Followed By What Must Be The Ugliest Truck-Ish SUV Ever Made

i3 Drives By Followed By What Must Be The Ugliest Truck-Ish SUV Ever Made

One of the most defining aspects of electric vehicles is their ability to operate in near silence.

This video focuses solely on that aspect:

“BMW i3 Start up and Exhaust sound.”

We think that title is meant to be rather comical.  No exhaust = no exhaust sound and the start up is basically inaudible too.

There’s one moment in the video that we believe captures the quietness of electric vehicles exceptionally well.  You’ll see/hear the BMW i3 drive by, followed by a big ‘ol truck-ish SUV.  The SUV sounds like a jet fighter taking off in comparison to the almost non-detectable amount of noise made by the i3’s drive by.


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The most awesome thing is listening to the ICE noise next to you as you accelerate away from intersections. You almost feel sorry for them because of all the commotion their engines make trying to keep up.


I also like their repeated “stepping back” as they lose velocity while shifting gears, while I just sail ahead with constant acceleration.

When I sit at lights, I almost feel like I’m surrounded by wind-up toys or grandfather clocks. All the noise seems so old-fashioned.

When hydrocarbon fuel engines were first produced they were named explosive engines. We have taken that to a fair-the-well with exhaust systems. like a Harley Davidson direct pipe exhaust. Time to rethink all the noise and for the police to start enforcing sound laws, especially in the cities.

I hate those bikes and the idiots that ride them.

It funny how many of the loud Harleys are actually very slow. I used to annihilate them when they tried to race me in my 600HP 335i.

This reminds me why Mazda won’t make electric cars.
They would then have to begin an entirely new marketing campaign since “Vroom, Vroom” wouldn’t work any more!

Well in french they would do ok as they used “Zoom, Zoom”. But I haven’t seen that Ad in ages