BMW i3 Shows Up In Singapore With On-Sale-Soon Status


Electric mobility has arrived in Singapore in the form of the BMW i3 REx.

Due to Singapore’s lacking charging infrastructure, BMW will only initially make available the REx version of the i3 there.

It goes on sale soon at a price of S$228,800, or roughly equivalent to the price of a BMW 328i in Singapore.

BMW expects to sell approximately 50 i3s this year in Singapore, along with 10 or so BMW i8s.

Both vehicles will launch there almost immediately.  Deliveries are expected to commence later this year.

BMW i3 In Singapore

BMW i3 In Singapore

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When is Tesla Motors going to launch the Tesla Model S in Singapore?

I have no idea on how much people from Singapore drive in Malaysia. But assuming they are staying in Singapore then they can drive 4 complete laps around the country on a charge so a Tesla seems like overkill.

I’m sure they would be better off with an electrified taxi fleet instead. 😛

Well, it will be yet another luxury vehicle in Singapore and not do anything to advance the cause of EV’s.

The average Singaporean Joe lives in flats (tall condos with cramped living spaces).

Even rich Joes live in tiny terraced houses (attached on both sides to neighbors) with a single parking spot at the porch.

A car with suicide doors is hardly conducive to shuttle the wife, maid and kids, yea?

Great car for Germany, Europe, America. Singapore – probably not.

Taxi in Singapore is quite cheap. And it has good public transport. Wonder how many people will bother owning cars in this tiny island.

Singapore has a population just over 5.5 million and has just over 1 million private cars.

Singapore averages about 6k new car registrations every month. The government making cars more expensive through taxation has only increased the status of owning cars and made cars a more aspirational product.

Singapore is about 3.5x the size of Washington DC. You don’t need many superchargers to keep 50k Tesla owners happy.