BMW i3 Shipments to US – REx to BEV Ratio is 4:3


First 9 US-Bound BMW i3s - Scheduled to Arrive in New York on April 2

First 9 US-Bound BMW i3s – Scheduled to Arrive in New York on April 2

Several BMW i3 buyers are now tracking shipments of the i3 from Germany to the US.

Why track them?  The answer is simple: These i3 are headed here for delivery to those buyers.

Among the future BMW i3 owners is InsideEVs contributor George Betak.

Some clever sleuthing by Betak has led to a few discoveries.

  • Asian Emperor is US-bound (California) with BMW i3s on board
  • VIN numbers are listed for each i3 on the ship
  • Approximately 50% of the i3s currently shipping to the US are earmarked for California buyers

And lastly, the BMW i3 REx to BMW i3 BEV ratio for US buyers is, as of right now, 4:3 in favor of the REx.

BMW i3s are hitting both coasts for delivery in the US.  As some arrive in California, others will land out East.

Of note is that the EPA has not yet issued final figures for the i3, so initial buyers are without official range and MPGe figures for now.

Asian Emperor is Currently Loaded With BMW i3s Bound For California

Asian Emperor is Currently Loaded With BMW i3s Bound For California

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I’m very happy another EV is hitting the US market. And the fact that both a pure EV version and a range-extended version is available is a double-bonus! I hope more companies besides BMW and VW do this. For example, it would be nice to have a pure EV version of the Volt available (with a much larger battery pack and SAE-CCS charging).

So how many of them are actually being shipped??

Multiple hundreds by mid month.

The first 16 US production vehicles are presently en route to our shores. As Eric already mentioned, additional 200-300 hundred i3s have been built at the Leipzig factory, and will likely be shipped later this month.

I hope that as this vehicle hits the market we can get some stats on how many of each flavor (REx, BEV) are in service, and for the REx models what portion of their miles are fueled by gasoline vs. electrons.

Speaking as a one-time BMW owner, my hunch is that we’ll see a lot more i3 owners relying on gasoline than their daily driving patterns would suggest is “necessary”.

Still, the more cars with plugs on the road, the better.

I am actually, pleasantly surprised that some 3/7 of these US-bound i3’s are the BEV trim.

Once again, all stereotypes and pre-conceptions about what needs to be done to convince Americans to get EVs, are overblown.

Here they are, American BMW buyers being offered a range extender for a fairly modest sum (~10% of the overall price), with a lot of hype – and nearly half of them decline the offer.

Well, $4K for a 2-cylinder engine with a ~2 gallon tank is not exactly enticing.

Have you priced a corresponding stand alone *high* quality generator?

About 900$, so you obviously pay four time as much.

Hopefully they don’t do that 2 gallon mistake again on the future BMW i5. In more they did that in vein apparently since the initial intention of the California advantage is denied.

A more standard 12 gallon tank should be proposed on further i3 as well.

It may very well be that i3 buyers are SECOND TIME EV purchasers and as such have already figured out what they can/can’t live with in terms of range. My own Volt ownership has showed me I need the range extender even though my commute is only around 37 miles round trip. In looking at my stats on my phone app I seem to average 2-3 days a month where I exceed 60 miles and the early reports from European i3 owners seem to indicate that freeway speeds in comfort mode (the sportiest mode as compared to the two other ECO modes) nets about 60 miles of range. Man, I really wish BMW would have upped the size of that battery a bit…

Only 9 units?

What’s a waste of energy with this is they make the carbon fiber parts for it here in the USA on the West Coast then ship them to Germany to build the car. They then send the finished car back to the USA.

Only the spools of carbon fiber are made in Moses Lake Washington, the parts are pressed, cured and trimmed in Leipzig.

Where is the list of VIN numbers?

•”VIN numbers are listed for each i3 on the ship”

Ocean Railroader,
Here is the video that shows the story.

I finally got my VIN for my BEV i3, where can I track it? The Vehicle Inquiry document from my dealer say the “Act. Prod. Date: 3/26/14” and “Status: 193 – Arrival At Port Or Compound”. Dealer says it will be in Denver in 6-8 weeks, but i’d love to track the shipping vessel. How do I find this?

Thanks much! I’m so excited to be “born electric”


Congratulations on your i3 order, Kelley! Here is how to track your i3 while it’s in transit. Please go to this URL, enter your VIN into the “Cargo ID” field and press “Track”:

Inside EVs should keep track of the i3 w and wo REX separately on the monthly sales report…

… Must.Not.Ban.David.

The most recent US VINs produced as of this writing are VX63119 (REx) and VX51427 (BEV). The first production vehicles were VX62568 (REx) and VX51048 (BEV). This means that 379 pure electric i3s, and 551 i3s with the range extender have been produced to date. REx to BEV Ratio is now 3:2.