BMW i3 Shadow Sport Sells Out In One Hour


1 Of 50

1 Of 50

Of course it did…

Only 50 units were available, making the BMW i3 Shadow Sport one of the most-limited electric cars ever sold, so as expected, it sold out in just one hour.

Exclusivity sells…

What we find interesting is that all of these Shadow Sport features are available for the i3, though most aren’t offered in the U.S. ┬áThe general consensus is that the Shadow Sport is overpriced, but when you limit it to just 50 units, then it commands a premium by virtue of being rare.

Some details on the Shadow Sport:

BMW i3 Shadow Sport Specs

BMW i3 Shadow Sport Specs

Another Look At The BMW i3 "Shadow Sport" From LA (Image: Warren M/InsideEVs)

Another Look At The BMW i3 “Shadow Sport” From LA (Image: Warren M/InsideEVs)

BMW i3 "Shadow Sport" From LA (Image: Warren M/InsideEVs)

BMW i3 “Shadow Sport” From LA (Image: Warren M/InsideEVs)

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oh, ppl are so silly with buying stuff… as we’ll be reminded big time in 24 hours give-or-take a few.

I love the blue accents on the seats – that’s the only thing I really want on my current i3.

If they added a larger battery, it would have added real value.

I get why people might think this special edition is useless , but if I were interested in buying an i3, this would have sealed the deal for me. Its the easiest way to get to a limited edition car, without spending a lot more. It simply is a cool and cheap promo for an existing car.
Its a move, I would have expected from Tesla, not BMW.
(imagine a P90D limited edition!) The guys at BMW i are getting creative, I like that.

The Tesla P90D does have limited signature editions and so does the model X. They sell fast and are really special.
My friend even had his signature edition dash board signed by Elon Mush himself. They will keep that car forever.

See if your friend can get it signed by Bob Lutz … Then it would be priceless.

The Model S and the X had a signature edition, I don’t think the Model S P90D had one. But thats not what I’m talking of, those where the first cars built and the purpose was selling a lot of expensive cars at first. But bringing out a signature edition randomly, maybe with special paint and other features that are planned to be released, would be a clever marketing idea. You sell high priced cars and get everyone talking about it.

I want this Car! It’s a “Must Have” L M A 0 ….. HA HA HA ……….. Suckers!

humbly offer – a beta car, see what interest there is in a ‘premium’ i3 package, early results show ‘promise’.

i.e., 2002 tii anyone? (so it begins)

So excited to get the option to now have a car with 50 shades of black. What a joke. Now it looks even cheaper. It’s like getting a base model car that has black plastic door handles and trim VS the painted parts. Makes the car look like a kia or hyundai