BMW i3 – The Second Best Electric Vehicle Money Can Buy


BMW i3

BMW i3

Tesla Model S

Tesla Model S

According to Extreme Tech, there’s only one electric vehicle out there that beats the BMW i3.

Yes…it’s the Tesla Model S that beats the i3..

So, the BMW i3 is #2 then.  Considering it’s half the price of the Tesla Model S, we think BMW would be thrilled with this #2 spot.

Here are a few excerpts from Extreme Tech’s BMW i3 review:

“Driving the i3 is a non-event except for all the people craning their heads for a better look. The i3 feels sportier than every other non-Tesla EV I’ve driven and it’s quicker than the Leaf-Focus Electric genre.”

“…when you step hard on the throttle, the i3 is as quick from rest as most any car you’ve ever owned other than, say, a twin-turbo gas-engine Bimmer. 0-60 mph takes about 7 seconds.”

“Like the Volt and like the Prius, the shape of the BMW i3 identifies itself as unique, energy efficient, and a car of the future. Fifteen years ago, hybrids were exotic cars, too, and the i3 has a chance to be in on the next wave of transportation.”

Follow the link below for the full BMW i3 review.

Source: Extreme Tech

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No way.
The Volt is the second best vehicle for the money.

I agree. The Volt definitely is the best “bang for buck” of any plug-in vehicle.

It it were half the price… then maybe.

If the Volt were “half the price” (~$18k with $7.5k-$10k in tax rebates) GM would literally not be able to build them fast enough. It would be the second coming of the Model T.

That’s not out of the question considering some models of the Prius are near that price range. If it did happen the Prius would die out over night. Not to mention OPEC would be kicking and screaming.

Maybe they only took pure EVs into account?

Nah the Volt is the second best in terms of its styling and capabilities. Great looking car with decent EV range and then the back up gas. Perfect starter EV… then move on to a Tesla when your ready to ditch gas completely!

I saw my first i3 over the weekend. I like the cloth interior, but what stood out was the wide vented front brake rotors, sharing a wheel well with those tires? A bizarre image of contrast.

BMW has hedged the upgrade path well, this time.

I don’t follow reviews from ‘extreme tech’, but I imagine this means the BMW i3 is displacing the Nissan Leaf in the rankings. It is at least pushing the Leaf down one. Given that EV technology is new, and new technology changes quickly, and BMW is taking a high place in the rankings, it is surprising that Nissan is introducing nothing new in the 2015 Leaf. Nissan will still sell a lot — especially while BMW i3 is production constrained. But Nissan really needs that bigger battery if they want to see sales growth. In the mean time, congratulations have to go to BMW with their ‘Extreme Tech’ ranking.

I love the i3. I love the outside look, its interior – it definitely breaks outside the mold and seems futuristic. The drive is pure pleasure and exciting, however I can’t get past the limited range which realistically for US, where people use highways a lot more than elsewhere, will be below 70 miles.

For a car with the dimensions roughly of a Honda Fit, and the price slightly lower than a 5 series this car is highly overpriced. It kind of makes me mad because I wanted the car really bad, but I can’t get past it’s price for the value you get. Great car — range sucks, feels small and highly overpriced. That’s my two cents…

The thing killing it is that it has the same 80 mile range of a Nissan Leaf but the price is double that of a Nissan Leaf. If things were based off of logic like the Vulcans do then the Vulcan version of this car would have double the range and battery capacity for it’s price range. In that right now it only has 80 miles range and a over bloated price tag. If they did go down to the same price as the Nissan Leaf the leaf would die out over night.

I detest rankings like this, simply because there is no rational answer to “what’s the best car” kind of questions outside the context of an individual household or consumer.

I lease a Leaf, and I expect to replace it with either another leased Leaf or an extension of the lease on this car, depending on the details of what’s available next Spring. It works exceptionally well for my wife and me, given [1] our driving patterns, [2] the amount of money we’re willing to pay for transportation (up front, fuel, maintenance, etc.), [3] the kind of vehicle we need/want (passenger and cargo capacity, amenities, etc.), and [4] access to local sales and service facilities, not that we’ve had to make more than minimal use of them so far.

I’d love to have a Tesla but it’s a bad fit for my circumstances, and not just because of the higher price. A Volt is likewise a poor fit, although it mostly would meet my needs in a strictly utilitarian sense. That doesn’t make them bad or even less good cars than a Leaf, in absolute terms, just not as good for my wife and me.

Lou is right, different cars work for different people. I drive a Leaf and my wife drives a Prius, so we have a “plugin hybrid garage”. If I was single a Volt might work better, If I was willing to spend more an I3, more still a Tesla. That’s why they make so many different cars, and will gradually make more and more different EVs.

So, Musk was finally vindicated in regards to his thoughts about the i3?

I’d take an i3 over the leaf, no brainer. But really wouldn’t get an i3 if i had a choice.

If it had a 30kWh battery I would agree, but not at the current capacity.

If the criteria was expanded to include PHEVs it might run with the Volt (although the crippled REx gives the i3 lots of negative points).

I think Bmw was a bit miffed that Tesla scooped them on the electric car, but like Musk says it’s about moving humanity towards sustainable electric transport. So the fact that they are thought of as number 2 is no big surprise, and hopefully they and others will continue to improve their ev offerings. So competition, to paraphrase, is the the mother of invention.

2nd best? Not in my book. The car is butt ugly. So much so that the last car that made me feel this way was the Ponriac Aztec 🙂 Besides even with the range extender you can’t really go that far. Combine the looks, range and price and I think I’ll pass.

I bet he did not tried to drive with family and put a baby buggy into the trunk.