BMW i3 Sales Surpass 12,000 Worldwide


BMW i3

Demand Has Been Surprisingly High In The US For The BMW i3

There's The i3 REx's Tailpipe

There’s The i3 REx’s Tailpipe

Congrats to BMW on achieving 12,000 units sold globally of the BMW i3 since its launch in November 2013 in Germany:

“More than 12,000 BMW i3s have already been sold since November 2013.”

That’s according to BMW.

The automaker further states the following (typeface bolded by yours truly):

“The presence of more and more of these vehicles on the roads of cities all over the world is clear proof that it is now possible to successfully mate zero tailpipe emissions with premium-class driving pleasure, and that this groundbreaking combination is here to stay. One year after its launch, the BMW i3 is already the third best-selling all-electric automobile on the market.”

Which makes absolutely no sense to us.  What in the world is BMW trying to convey?  The REx version is not a zero tailpipe emissions vehicle and is not an all-electric automobile, but surely the REx version is included in that 12,000 units sold figure.

Is BMW trying to deceive?  Or was something lost in translation?

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15 responses to "BMW i3 Sales Surpass 12,000 Worldwide"
  1. David Murray says:

    The i3 Rex is still zero emission MOST of the time.

    1. ELROY says:

      Correct. The i3 Rex is probably on gas less than any other plug-in hybrid around there. Consider it a BEV first, with an emergency back up generator that is rarely used.

    2. Spec9 says:

      So is my gas car. It only emits when I drive it.

  2. Mark B. Spiegel says:

    “Is BMW trying to deceive?”

    If they are, they must have learned from the electric-car deception MASTER (and we all know who THAT is)!

    1. Mike says:


      1. scottf200 says:

        They must be referring to GM but the 35,852 electricity from the grid miles on my 2011 Volt would disagree! Same benefit as driving a BEV 35,852 miles.

        1. mike w says:

          I was thinking TOYOTA. GM never entered my mind.

  3. zoe-driver says:

    BMW is by far not the 3rd most successful 100% BEV

    Everybody forgets that 50% are oly BEVs, so we are talking about 6000 i3.

    So what.

    ZOE sold 8.500 alone in Europe in the 1st year, and is now at 18.000.

    Is 18.000 ZOE not 3x more that 6.000 i3 BEV ?

    Compare BEV Numbers with BEV numbers and PlugIn vs PlugIn.

  4. zoe-driver says:

    Without correct Stats

    1. Nissan Leaf
    2. Mitsubishi iMiev
    3. Tesla Model S
    4. Renault ZOE
    5. SMART ED
    6. BMW i3 BEV


    1. Mike says:

      Mitsu is selling somewhere?

      1. zoe-driver says:

        Worldwide, even in the U.S 🙂

        Should be in the 60.000 units WW

      2. John says:

        It’s been selling in Japan since 2009

  5. Alaa says:

    All this media attention for such a small number!

    1. Mikael says:

      BEV numbers are unfortunately not higher yet. It’s the third best selling BEV in 2014 (behind Leaf and Tesla and infront of the Zoe).

      And to make it worse the difference between the number 1-4 are basically reduced by halve between every position.

  6. Bob Lucas says:

    The REX is an excellent compromise in southern california where distances are long and charging stations mostly 4 or 5 mile per hour 110 volt plugins. We have about 600 miles on our i3 with about 8 miles of REX running. (Before REX ever turned on, I had to run the batteries to a point low enough that BMW Connect sent me an email to charge!) With 15.7 kw of solar panels on our hous for over 6 years and trading in our 2011, 335d, I think we’re doing our part for the environment in spite of the REX.