BMW i3 Sales Exceed 400 Units in Debut Month of November in Europe

DEC 18 2013 BY MARK KANE 11

BMW i3 Overhead

BMW i3 Overhead

According to Eagle Aid’s own data, BMW i3 sales in Europe began at a “snail’s pace” instead of a “big splash“, especially in BMW’s German home market.

“Instead of the expected showmanship of a big splash in i3 registrations during its debut month, particularly in BMW’s German home market, AID compiled figures point to a damp start for one of the most eagerly awaited electric cars.”

In November, we noted just 121 new registrations of i3 the in Germany and 469 YTD. But we must remember that sales began in the middle of the month and we’re certain BMW will slowly ramp-up production like Tesla did with Model S.

Eagle Aid found that in Western Europe “just over 400 BMW i3s were registered” in November. So, approximately 300 outside of Germany.

“That’s a mere fraction of the earlier consensus expectations of some dedicated electric car market observers.”

“Nevertheless, given the cars that were registered well before its official dealer debut in mid November, made up presumably of mainly press fleet vehicles and dealer demonstrators, West Europe’s cumulative i3 registrations to the end of November this year reached.”

Now we are waiting for December’s results.

Source: Eagle Aid

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How many are they making, though?

BMW has the capacity to make 30,000 units a year max. As with all new vehicles, the production ramp up will be painfully slow. I don’t expect BMW to get to that 30,000 unit mark (2,500 units per month) until March or April of next year. Even then, BMW will likely be below max capacity, so expect a max global sales figure of ~2,200 units per month or so. Perhaps 1,000 of which will be sold monthly in the US.

Considering what we’ve seen with other EV/EREV maker ramp-up, if BMW do make 30k/year in the first year it’ll be nice.

And in all probability, there will be demand for those. Either way, that’s another 30k sales/year to the tally, most of them presumably in Europe where they’ll give a (relatively) bigger boost than over here.

At full capacity they will likely be capable of closer to 40K Eric. As you point out, the ramp up is going to be very slow and many European customers that are ordering them now are being told they won’t get one till the summer. Like many other EV’s when they first launch the sales figures will be determined by production, not demand for most of the first year.

400+ i3s in the first month is actually very good. There are factors working against the i3 sales, such as the cold weather and the end of year holidays. Considering the sales numbers of some EVs we have seen (as kindly reported by InsideEVs) the i3 seems to be off with a good start.

That’s sort of what I was thinking. Everyone keeps poo-pooing 400+ figure, but I thought that sounded pretty good compared to how many Volts or Leafs were sold in their first month on the market. This is especially true since we’re talking about European market, which is a smaller market than the USA.

It is hardly the sales that is the limiting factor. I’m sure that they have already orders for more than they can produce in a year.
I’m sure that the production will increase quite a lot for every week. 100/week today but surely 200/week in a month and 400-600/week in april.

Please keep in min the figures are no. og registrations. Registrations happen upon or just before the delivery of the car. The actual sales (contracts) are probably significantly higher. In Norway alone we heard sales figures (not official) in access of 200 i3´s in the first month of sales (Nov. 16. – Dec. 15th). I expect we will see significant increase in the registration figures in the next quarter as the production and deliveries speeds up.

There’s really such thing as a nameplate…Imagine a Renault badge on this automobile, that barrage of fire!!
“Renault never misses an opportunity to shame itself”, “French quirk design at its best”, “Plain ugly”, “What did they have in mind?”, “Impractical”, “Shoddy built”, etc.

Nice to see some EV sales catch on in Europe. I knew having a European branded EV from a country other than France would boost sales.

Yeah, a bit misleading title and info as far as sales figures go like all you guys have already mentioned.

It’s already been stated that there’s a 6 month waiting list in Europe. Sales haven’t even started in NA yet. I’m sure it all comes down to supply.