BMW i3 Sales Exceeded 2,000 Units In Q1 2014


Q1 BMW i3 Sales at 2,022 Unit

Q1 BMW i3 Sales at 2,022 Unit

BMW i3

BMW i3

In BMW’s Q1 2014 report, we discovered a line on BMW i3 sales: 2,022

That’s the worldwide sales figure for Q1 2014 for the BMW i3.

Worldwide doesn’t include the US, since the i3 was not sold in the States in Q1 2014.  Furthermore, Q1 sales of the i3 were limited solely to Europe.

So, that 2,022-unit figure is for European BMW i3 sales from January 1, 2014 through March 31, 2014.

Additionally, BMW reports that in March alone, i3 sales nearly hit 1,000 units.  That’s a remarkable figure for a vehicle that was only offered in Europe and is still in the production ramp-up phase.

To put that 2,022-unit figure into perspective, the world’s #1 selling electric vehicle, the Nissan LEAF, sold 3,730 units in Q1 2014 in Europe.

Here’s a look at the Top 5 plug-in vehicles, based on Q1 2014 sales results in Europe:

  • Nissan LEAF – 3,730
  • Tesla Model S – 3,063
  • Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV – 2,159
  • BMW i3 – 2,022
  • Volvo V60 PHEV – 1,620

Props to BMW for selling the i3 at such a high volume so quickly from the start of production.  Being in the Top 5 in Europe in sales and fighting against the established plug-in vehicles at this early stage is a major achievement for the German automaker.

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I hope they sell millions of these.

The i3 is doing very well for it’s launch quarter.

But actually putting it in perspective, you must take the launch quarter for the Leaf at 1,044 which is actually include Dec2010/Jan/Feb/March/April of 2011.