BMW i3 Sales Up 70% Worldwide As Bigger Battery Version Hits The Market


BMW i3

BMW i3

In the US and a number of European countries, demand is rapidly increasing for the updated 2017 BMW i3 electric vehicle, reports BMWBLOG.

According to Klaus Fröhlich, Member of the Board of Management at BMW AG, i3 sales shot up following the launch of the new 94 Ah battery.

Citing sales for August, BMWBLOG states:

“August 2016 saw worldwide sales of the BMW i3 rise by over 70% compared to twelve months previously.”

No exact figures were released though, so we’ll just have to go with up 70% statement.

The longer range 2017 BMW i3 starts at $44,595 for the BEV model and $48,445 for the REx in the U.S.


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Just ordered my 3rd i3. 33kWh Fluid black fully loaded Terra BEV. Of all the BEVs in it’s class. There is no BEV as nimble, quick, and fun to drive in it’s class. Being a sporty RWD BEV with sophisticated suspension design puts in a class of it’s own. With two small kids, I must say the suicide doors is one of my favorite features. Keeps the kids from being able to open the doors accidentally, and I can load big items through the doors. Recently carried a big toilet box from Home Depot. The worker was surprised it fit!

It’s a hatchback! That makes access generally easy. I never looked at the suicide doors as something of a plus, but I’d guess the larger access makes it easier for fitting child (in) seats.

I drove a i3 and liked it a lot, still way out of my pricing though. Ended up with a i-MiEV which isn’t bad considering.

One of the things I didn’t like about the i3 was the missed opportunity to re-use the empty space where a REx would sit on the BEV model.

The doors was the other gripe, call me old fashioned, but the ingress and egress in the MiEV is quite decent as well. I have just 1 kid, but with child seat and stroller it’s large enough.

We would still have our i-MiEV had we not relocated making its range insufficient. It was our ideal size (exterior and interior) and weight, and with rear wheel drive, its turning circle was very tight. Its suspension was rather crude, and its steel body might not have endured our salty, humid climate well.

When we were looking for its replacement in 2014, the BMW i3 had our i-MiEV’s strengths but with its sophisticated suspension and aluminum, CFRP, and thermoplastic construction, it did not have our i-MiEV’s weaknesses. I was willing to pay for its revolutionary, expensive construction, but I do worry about its long-term costs. So far, we are very happy with our i3 BEV and don’t need the increased range of the 33 kWh battery pack.

With just my wife and me, we almost always have the rear seats folded down so that we can use the quite large rear cargo space. We rarely open the suicide doors, so they aren’t a problem.

Maybe in my spare time (ha!), I’ll design an additional storage space for the REx engine void.

Hatch wasnt a factor. The box was loaded through the side doors, and the rear seats were not folded down.

I see you didn’t go for the Ferguson

Dude, who gives a crap when an SUV plows into you? Keep your bloody comments ts to yourself in future.

This is a discussion forum. Warren have the same right as you or anyone else to express his opinion on the current topic. If you can’t tolerate that maybe you should leave.

Dude, sounds like your insecurities mean you should be buying a Kenworth.

As has been pointed out elsewhere, the 33 kWh battery pack wasn’t available in the U.S. in August. The August sales spike in the U.S. was due to deeply discounted 22 kWh 2016 models. We’ll have to wait for the October sales numbers to gauge the popularity of the 33 kWh version.

This is encouraging in a general sense, but specifically, the i3 is still overpriced when compared to other EV offerings with similar general EV specs.
The base price of the i3 33kWh version in the Netherlands is ~44500 (final street price incl. VAT and the 1st-time registration tax BPM), while the 41kWh Zoe (with owned battery) starts at ~32000 Euros.
The i3 has a stronger motor & better acceleration, for sure, but a lot less cargo space, and NEDC range is 314km vs the Zoe’s 400km…
At these prices, BMW will sell primarily to BMW fans. even with the upgraded car.

when do they move to the 40 or so KWh pack???

Probably the new 120 Ah cells will start production in 2018, with the opening of the Samsung SDI battery plant in Hungary.

It is a solid upgrade. The performance and BMW cachet will sell some. But it’s too expensive and too limited to be a big seller.

Especially once the Bolt is available for less money with much longer range, comparable performance, and much better utility, the i3 will have no chance at volume sales.

If it were priced $10k lower then they might move quite a few.

If price were everything then Hyundai would be the world’s largest car manufacturer. News flash…Sometimes people pick out cars for reasons other than lowest total cost of ownership.