BMW i3 REx Road Test & Review – Video


“What’s the i3 like to live with? How well does the range extender work? What if I don’t charge it at night? All that and more!”

Alex on Autos assembles some of the finest automotive video reviews you’ll find on YouTube.

The focus of this review is the BMW i3 REx.

Unlike the vast majority of video reviews out there, Alex actually puts in the work and it shows in the finished product that’s informative, accurate and enjoyable to watch.

BMW i3 REx

BMW i3 REx

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That last image looks like an ad from a dealership on local TV.


Very good and thorough review.

I’m surprised how much worse the interior of this base version looks compared to the “Giga” version with technology package that I test drove a few weeks ago …


My understanding was that the Rex didn’t come with a heat pump. Have I been misinformed?


BMW does list the 2015 REx as having a heat pump, but it was my understanding that the heat pump sits where the gas tank is on the REx, which is why it’s not available on the 2014. It may be a mistake in the mistakes, or maybe they redesigned the REx in 2015.


Thanks kubel!

Bill Howland

Ok, so how do you use L1 16 amps when the charger brick is only good for 12??