BMW i3 REx Muffler Delete – Video


Muffler Removed

Muffler Removed

We’re not entirely sure why this BMW i3 REx owner decided to remove his muffler in favor of a downpipe after the catalytic converter, but cars will always be tinkered with, so here’s what an i3 REx sounds like with this rather odd mod.

Video description:

“Removed the stock muffler and installed a downpipe right after the cat. Engine runs at its warmup speed to 28 seconds, then revs to 4k RPM until 42 seconds before dropping down to idle speed (2400RPM).”

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Sounds like a motorcycle engine (gasp!) maybe because it is?

I don’t even understand why people remove mufflers from regular cars… but to take a perfectly good (and quiet) i3 Rex and purposefully make it noisy makes even less sense.

Great, so now it sounds like a s****y cross between a lawnmower, moped and pneumatic drill.

Sounds like 8AM on Sunday morning.

If the owner had just bought a standard i3, instead of the crippled i3 REx, then he wouldn’t have had any muffler to deal with… and wouldn’t have had to pay for it, either.

And he’d have half the range.

Is it a remake of dummer dummiest?

It’s just a bmw dealeship that is doing some work on the car and with the muffler off decided to start up the REX through the diagnostic equipment.

OK – the Jury is in. It sounds better *with* the muffler. MW