BMW i3 REx In The Hands Of Tested – Video

MAR 29 2015 BY JAY COLE 10

The BMW i3 REx gets put through its paces by the folks at Tested – of which many will recognize a couple of their featured contributors – Adam Savage and Jamie Hyneman of Mythbusters fame.

Tested Hosts Will Smith and Norman Chan Kick The Tires On A BMW i3 REx

Tested Hosts Will Smith and Norman Chan Kick The Tires On A BMW i3 REx

However, in this case, hosts Will Smith and Norman Chan are doing the review duties of the extended range BMW i3.  The duo seem happy with BMW’s plug-in offering, especially the ride both in the city and on the highway.

Other points of interest to look out for – a journey on San Francisco’s steepest hill, using driver’s assist, and testing the i3’s self-parking feature (which doesn’t go over very well).

As a point of reference the all-electric BMW i3 has an EPA rated range of 81 miles, while the extended range version (as in the video above) comes in at 72 miles on electricity and up to 150 miles when combined with gas.

Tested, Hat tip to offib!

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Norman Chan said they were going to run the battery down and test the Range Extender, but they never did. That would have been interesting.

Ah geez. How did I gloss over that? Perhaps the i3s range was competent enough to run the review and a whole day’s worth of stuff. If they really forgot, then they, and especially the editors would be kicking themselves. I’m going to put in the possible scenario that they did not have enough memory or time to test the REx.

I think I sound a lot like Will when I try out electric cars or tell other people about electric cars – open-minded and pretty technical concerning all the usual electric car features to look out for.

Norman, however, sounded a lot like many people who don’t know anything about electric cars. Immediately skeptical and and pointing out “issues” like you can’t shut the front door while the back door is open or that the back windows don’t open. I think the initial mindset for many people who are uneducated on electric cars (I don’t mean dumb, just that they don’t know about electric cars) is that they are less capable machines. I could see skepticism in his face throughout the entire video. Feeling like he’s going to puke, especially while riding in the front seat, seems ridiculous to me.

I did the extended test drive of the i3 and took some friends/coworkers on short rides and they all got the “whoa” reaction from the acceleration that electric cars like the Model S/Rav 4EV/i3 give you. I agree with Will’s conclusion that it’s a fun car but it’s priced like a fun car.

When they couldn`t recognize that the orange car was a Challenger not a Charger I lost all respect for these two car reviewers.

Stop saying “gas” when talking about the accelerator! 🙂

Yes, that confused me several times as well. Because sometimes I couldn’t tell if they were talking about the throttle or the actual gas or gas engine.

Wow, they are inaccurate! I could make better videos.

Yeah, let’s go eighty and see the range on an EV. Idiots. I can’t stand to listen to them.

Please send your comments and suggest they get EV specialists to do future reviews..

You should have tried the REX on a big hill on the freeway, you would have been going less than 45mph.

BMW said the REX fix was coming in March 2014, but then reneged. The last time is spoke to them the next possible date is November 2015 or 2016!

BMW advertised and marketed this car with lots of falsehood. BMW could at least contact me and admit these short comings after I have complained about highway safety.