BMW i3 REx Deliveries Delayed Until July 2014 in US?


BMW i3 Now Priced at Over $10 Billion - Perhaps That's Why BMW is Delaying It.  It's Just Too Darn Expensive and Demand is Now Too Low

BMW i3 Was Priced at Over $10 Billion Online Recently – Perhaps That’s Why BMW is Delaying It. It’s Just Too Darn Expensive and Demand is Now Too Low

As Car and Driver reports:

BMW i3 With REx

BMW i3 With REx

“One of the nearly 50 hand-picked German i dealers tells us that if we were to order an i3 now, we could have it by April (the first of the non-ceremonious deliveries will be made in March).  We were also told that we could have an i3 range extender by July, and the dealer added that we’d be the first name on his order sheet for the two-cylinder–assisted model.”

That’s our strikethrough on German, as it’s clear to us that Car and Driver is referring to US i3 orders and not those over in Germany.  German i3 deliveries are well underway and the first ceremonious deliveries there have already been made, so the April and March references are for the US market.

Therefore, if we examine Car and Driver’s comment (sourced from a BMW spokesperson) as it relates to the US, then the REx version of the i3 has been delayed.

Initially, BMW stated that the US would get REx versions of the i3 ahead of the BEV i3s.  That now appears to not be the case.

BEV i3s are still on track for March-April first deliveries in the US, but that REx version won’t be here until at least July.  That is, if Car and Driver’s source is accurate.

Perhaps we were on to something when we broke news of BMW’s i3 REx configurator showing a price of $10,000,000,000.

Was that indicating that BMW is backing away from promoting the i3 REx in the US?  Or is BMW still refining and tweaking the REx (or perhaps even thinking of ignoring BEVx CARB guidelines) for US consumption?

Remember when BMW estimated that over 50% of US i3 orders would be for the REx version?

Source: Car and Driver

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Maybe this is why the EPA hasn’t tested it. BMW could be tweaking to get the best CS mode MPG for the EPA test.

I was thinking the same thing. Maybe even upping the output due to limited power concerns (situations where fast highway driving drops to 45MPH when SOC limit reached).

Me thinks REX is going to be fed a few treats, like maybe a real tank and a ‘hold’ button.

Not happening due to CARB, at least in the U.S. While it would make sense to offer the weak version to CARB states and offer a better version for others will probably never happen.

I think BMW should just forget about BEVx rules and allow “HOLD” mode.

It will be a far more appealing car…

Maybe they’ll offer the Rex version as a plug-in hybrid instead of a BEV so the engine will come on before only 6% battery charge is remaining….