BMW i3 REx – 20 Questions Answered – Video


“What’s the range extender like? How long to charge? Is it a hybrid or an EV? All that and more answered in this frequently asked questions video.”

This video answers the “Top 20 Burning Questions” related to the BMW i3 REx.

It’s actually done well, too.  So, for those who have questions about the i3 REx and are seeking answers, this video is for you.

Similarly, if someone you know is overwhelming you with i3 REx questions, direct them to this video as a primer.

Burning Questions Answered

Burning Questions Answered

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I too, would prefer an i3 Rex over a Tesla Model S.

Not me. I may be in the minority but the i3 is just too damn ugly. Plus, I do frequently go over the Grape Vine and that would be a problem for me. And lastly, the Model S is a 200+ mile pure EV whereas the i3 is not.

Having said all that, Alex makes a good point on cost. The Tesla is too expensive. But I’d rather wait for the Model III than get the i3.

This dude is fantastic! He knows more about the i3 than the last BMW salesman I dealt with.

Good as far as he went, and this is the first video where I’ve SEEN it described, that is, the 16 amp L1 feature, although he did not mention whether the plug is a 5-15 and they just cheat. or a Neam 5-20 as it ostensibly should be (think Big Floor Polisher). But at least he mentions it. The question I have is one which anyone in a cold climate has, which for some dumb reason is never answered except by Tom who gave me the vague, ‘its not a problem’. If I were purchasing this car, and was concerned about performance, I would want to know exactly how different does the range extender perform when the heater is on high, both mileage wise, and performance wise. It depends on the resistance heater size of course (which no one mentions, of course), but I would expect a 30% degredation. Now if someone would only test it. Its the same reason I shy away from the Model S. I’ve seen no reviews of battery capacity if left in the cold. They hint at it but no one actually tests for it. On the S, driving it during the cold is not… Read more »