BMW i3 Review – Little Car, Lots Of Character


Car Advice Reviews BMW i3

Car Advice Reviews BMW i3

This BMW i3 review by Australia’s Car Advice suggest that the ground-up built BMW i3 is a little car with lots of character:

“The BMW i3 is an intriguing little car. It’s quirky looking and certainly not your usual BMW design, but then it has been built from the ground up to be an entirely new car for the German manufacturer.”

We had both models through the CarAdvice garage, the i3 BEV or fully electric model with a 360V battery powering the electric motor and the i3 REX, equipped with an electric motor as well as a small range-extending petrol engine.”

“Given that it’s not only a new series for BMW, but also it’s first foray into electric vehicles, there was a lot to explore. From concept to production line, for BMW the onus was on using sustainable, eco-friendly materials and manufacturing techniques.”

Full written review by Car Advice here.

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I know this is not the right article for the following topic, but I wanted your thoughts on this. As much as I am a Tesla and Elon fan, I thought that when he mentioned the future $700B market cap of Tesla, what was he on? That’s larger than a combined market cap of Toyota, GM, Ford, BMW and Mercedes. I know the guy proved many people wrong over and over again, but isn’t he pushing it a bit here?


Meh. He does say some things that are ‘out there’. Like his comments on AI being so dangerous . . . I agree that AI may eventually may be dangerous but it is not a problem that we will have any time soon.

700 Billion. I think that is part Bravado, part dreaming, and part goal setting. Yes, that is an ambitious target. But it is possible. If they manage to push down battery prices with the gigafactory and oil prices go back up due to oil depletion and world conflicts . . . then sure, Tesla could become more valuable than all the other car companies. It is not likely to happen and certainly not soon. But it is possible.


“I think that is part Bravado, part dreaming, and part goal setting.”

And part narcissism.


Thanks for your replies guys. Let’s see what the future brings…


I thought InsideEVs was going to do a seperate story on what was said in the conference call, but they didn’t even update the the 4th-quarter-results story with any information revealed in the conference call. I guess they were too busy searching the net for new Tesla street racing videos. 😉


The i3 is a great little commuter car. I would have bought one last year but it was RWD

The new Volt and Bolt will likely push BMW to make an even better i3 and I’d be surprised if we don’t get an AWD BMW EV or EREV in the near future (2-3 years)

David Murray

I guess we are in the minority. I’d much rather have a front-wheel drive car as well. all wheel drive is even better, but I’m not sure I want to pay the extra money for that.

Warren M

There are benefits of both. But most FWD cars with this kind of acceleration have torque steer, or burn up the front tires and understeer terribly. Drive a RAV4 or B Class EV with traction control off…and they spin tires at 20mph. The BMW accelerates faster without even a chirp from the rear tires and NO torque steer! It feels solid.

Elroy: RWD simply sucks in winter. Yes, if you are a Nascar Professional and have $2000 snow tires on board, you can perform adequately in snow/slippery conditions. But then again I’m sure that an Olympic Runner wearing Manolo Blanik High Heels could beat me in the 500m dash. But the rest of us get stuck in our driveways with RWD cars, or stuck in parking lots, or fishtail all over the place if it’s a little icy. RWD with All seasons or Summers; should be illegal in winter RWD with Winters on: adequate. Barely FWD with All Seasons: adequate. Barely. FWD with Winters: very good performance AWD with All Seasons: adequate. AWD with Winters: fantastic. The issue is going from 0 to 1mph, or going up inclines. (it has nothing to do with staying on the road during a curve, or driving on the highway) There are very real reasons why RWD EVs MIGHT perform as good as a FWD ICE. (platform battery, no engine over front wheels, etc). But we in Frozen Flyoverland have been burned too many times by BMW and Mercedes claims that this time, no really, their RWD offerings will work in winter. And we’re certainly… Read more »
Warren M

Understandable, being that I live in Southern California. Another benefit of the RWD i3 around here is the astounding turning radius the BMW has. No CV joint deflection angles to worry about. The BMW is at the top of its class in turning radius for a four seater. The car can make unbelievable U-Turns.


On days like today I wonder what I was thinking, moving from San Francisco, to San Diego… To Minneapolis.

Last year we decided “the heck with it all, we’re moving back”

and then we looked at what it costs to buy a 2 bed 2 bath SF place, or a quaint 3 bed 2 bath house with a pool on the West Side of LA

and here we are, home sweet home in Minneapolis!



Really. You could buy a palace on one of the lakes for probably the same price. Homes are solidly built here, many, even the less expensive ones, with beautiful wood work, and good materials since most were built prior to use of poorer materials which became prevalent after 1940.
Lower quality wood, particle board, plywood, sheet-rock…etc…


It’s all about location. Having lived in both of those locales I can only agree that your best choice s based on the environment in which you reside.
It used to be in MN that a lot of people would drive winter-beaters, (a double entendre), in the Winter, of course with FWD, and then take out the nice RWD car in Spring. The idea was two fold, since Winter will take the most toll on a car, salted roads, potholes, etc.. you drive the crummy one, the one with FWD. This tradition has probably been somewhat damaged by the recession as it is just more expensive to run two vehicles.
Also people would flip their insurance back and forth depending on the season.


JRMW: Simply wrong about RWD in winter with BMW’s that have relatively equal F:R weight distribution.


This is correct. There is no such thing as a front wheel drive BMW. Weight distribution is the key, and when it’s done right (like in a bimmer) you get superior handling characteristics with no loss of grip. I currently own two BMWs with rear wheel drive and live in the snow covered hills of British Columbia, and I can go everywhere a FWD car can go with no issues.


Who cares about the car she was HOT:)


Well, D’oh, she lives in Australia.


Hot? Lol, chick is nothing special

David Murray

Yeah, I’d take her home with me. She has just the right amount of meat on her. Not too skinny like all of those California toothpick models.


I love America, but is semi-obesity now considered sexy in the US?


The BMW i3 has the makings of the future of the EV market, as with a lot of EV’s the range is a sticking point but the range extender version helps although it can be noisy. The right hand UK version comes with £5000 off the purchase price thanks to the UK government see They are also offering other benefits to converting to electric such as free road tax, and free driving in London. Yes it costs to dive a car in London!!!