BMW i3 Review By Autobytel: “A trip to the museum of modern art” – video

MAY 11 2015 BY JAY COLE 6

2015 BMW i3 REx Is Review By Dan At Autobytel

2015 BMW i3 REx Is Review By Dan Gray At Autobytel

We recently saw Autobytel get their hands on a new 2016 Mitsubishi i-MiEV and take it for a test spin (no small feat to acquire one these days).

Now it’s time for the BMW i3 to take its turn, as the internet magazine makes its way through the US lineup of plug-in vehicles.

This time it’s Dan Gray, the outfit’s Road-Test Editor, at the wheel of a new 2015 model year BMW REx (range extended option included).

Mr. Gray feels that the BMW i3 stands apart from all other plug-ins on the market, and evokes a ‘love-it-or-leave-it’ reaction in this extended review.

Highlighted is the BMW’s interior, which is described as a “trip to the museum of modern art” that the editor says won’t be everyone’s cup of tea, as well the car’s unique use of carbon fiber, low center of gravity and unique set of design configurations.

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This car only has 4 seats, crazy back seats entry (not for people with children or friends) costs 3 times more than a Renault Zoe even though it has less range an worst of all, it is a BMW. They will murder you with “service” charges.

Hell no

Yeah, the rear seats are not for friends . . . they are for enemies. You put them back there and then fart. They are stuck back there in your fart gas and they can’t open the window (since it doesn’t roll down) and they can’t get out the door (because you have to open your door first). 😀

And it Only got 4 stars at EuroNcap, not same.

Actually the i3 works amazingly well with kids. Because it has no B-pillar you can easily reach into the back seats to buckle in you kids. Also, because the floor is flat, both kids can exit from one side of the car. So far mine has been a huge step up from our Nissan Leaf.

You would think Autobytel would be more accurate in their review. Stating twice that the body is all carbon fiber is simply wrong. The life module, probably comprising 40% by weight probably 50% by volume, is carbon fiber, not the entire car, the body is aluminum.
Not a particularly good review though not terrible either.

Not safe, I meant, sorry