BMW i3 Regenerative Brakes Stopping Distance Test – Video

AUG 5 2014 BY MARK KANE 19



Approximately 10 seconds and 55 meters is all the BMW i3 needs  to stop from 50 km/h or 31 mph without using its friction brakes thanks to the i3’s strong regenerative braking abilities..

At least this is the interesting result from a test conducted at 75% state of charge and temperature: 24°C in the video attached below.

We don’t know too much more, so don’t expect any analysis.  However, for anyone interested in rear-wheel-drive regenerative braking. we previously found this demonstration.

“This is a little recu test. I drove 50 kph and tried to find out how long it takes to stand still without using the brake pedal. It turned out that it are 55m which means a constant acceleration of 0.18g or 1.75 m/s². Battery is at 75%. Outside tempretaure: 24°C.”

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Just received my brand new Car And Driver issue yesterday with the i3 vs electric B class. The i3 won the test. Amazingly they tested the i3 doing the 0-60mph run in 6.5seconds!

So quickest in its class, and yet the highest mpge vehicle in its class also. Pretty remarkable combination. Chalk another one up to BMW’s superior engineering capabilities.

Haven’t seen it yet, but it’s not exactly a surprise that C&D would rate a car with better performance over one with better utility, given the whole emphasis of the magazine and its readers. AOTBE, you’d expect CR to rank them the other way. They’re both useful info, but the priorities of the target audiences have to be considered. Reading the B-Class review in the August C&D (an earlier version can be found here: )

it’s clear that they think the car is best suited to the Prius demographic as far as driving dynamics and utility.i.e. of little interest to them or their target audience.

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When I rode in the BMW i3 I found the breaking thing to be the most squally thing about it besides the doors.

It’s one of my favourite things about the car. On most trips I never even touch the regular brakes, using only one pedal the entire time.

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please don’t double poste, copy/paste, repeated statements
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i dont agree, because the problem is different.
in your website it is not allowed to talk about the inconveniences of the BMW i3.
only positively speaking about this i3 is allowed here. a shame .very fair and objective.

If you follow the day-to-day community here, we are perfectly fine with praise or criticism of any product. Almost nothing is ever moderated/deleted.

However, we don’t tolerate the repeated copy and pasting of the same comment, especially if there is vulgarities present. It has nothing to do with being fair and balanced, it has to do with having civilized conversation…and respecting the community, and what they will read when they come here.

LOL, actually there are a number of posters that regularly slam the i3.

the bmw i3 is not the best car in the world its time to know it ! dear !!!

Who said it was the best car in the world? It’s quick. It’s range is ok for the price and it’s not *that* expensive.

Sure I think people expected a larger capacity battery or at least the option to replace the REX with more battery, but looks like BMW aren’t yet ready for that.

because its a german car…..and everywhere in the states i have to hear to support the same music :”german cars are the best in the world and have no defects….a german car is perfect !!!!”

To my recollection a number have said uncomplimentary things about the i3, that were not deleted. Also methinks thou protests too loudly as hardly anyone says it’s the best car in the world.

So who knows the answer to this one:

I was passed on the freeway by a white stickered I3 today. The i3 is a Rex no? How does a rex car get a white sticker? By that measure a volt could also get a white sticker — but they have green stickers.

I’m not complaining, I don’t care if California issues white stickers to left handed grandmas. Just curious.

White Sticker is BEV only. Green Sticker means it was a REx

There are no green stickers available in CA at this time. Maybe in the future, but the i3 REx lost out on any of greenies for now.

That’s not correct. The green sticker program was reinstated and the REx i3 owners are already receiving their green stickers:

i hate the cut of the back doors….only for that i don’t want to buy a bmw i3. I have already seen more beautiful cars.

Green HOV stickers got renewed in CA and issued again.