BMW i3 Recycling – Video


BMW i3 Ready For Recycling

BMW i3 Ready For Recycling

At the end of its useful life, the BMW i3 gets recycled.  According to Steffen Aumann, Head of the BMW Group Recycling and Dismantling Center, BMW can achieve a recycling rate of 95% with the i3.

Video description:

First, the pyrotechnics of the vehicle are neutralised. This means that components such as airbags or belt tensioners are set off in the vehicle. Subsequently, the high-voltage battery is removed from the vehicle and supplied to Second Life for re-use. Then, during draining, the vehicle is released of fluids and used parts are disassembled from the vehicle. After that, the vehicle goes into the compactor and then into the shredder.

Shot list:
BMW dismantling and recycling center, the BMW i3 is being delivered for scrapping.
Preparation of the airbag-ignition.
Dismantling a BMW i3 battery.
Removing wheels of BMW i3.
Dismantling door of BMW i3.
CFRP mats.
Reprocessing plant Wackersdorf.
Shredding the dismantled CFRP mats.
Recycled, shredded CFRP.
Reprocessed CFRP runs over coil.
Reprocessing to new CFRP mat.
Production of CFRP mats.

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Am I correct in seeing that BMW downcycles CFRP rather than recycles? I think their design is elegant but the aforementioned is the fly in the ointment.

In video we see nothing recyling…

Yea the car was dissembled by hand and the carbon fibers were then cut by hand and heated in an oven to melt the epoxy resin off and that’s it. Its looks crazy expensive and slow. Metal cars are crushed and shredded with unbelievable speed and efficiency.

Add “and recycled” to your last sentence. The CFRP doesn’t appear to be recycled at the end of its life.

BMW claims they have “Upcycled” CFRP, it is called the i3.

Now, when you remove an i3, from the road and recover the CFRP, are you “Downcycling”
or “Recycling”? OR, have you “Upcycled”??

Much better to reuse the panels and parts as is already done with high polluting cars.

This planning for end of life is good, just be sure to do it piece by piece for the highest reuse.

Yes, we should reuse the panels and parts in BMW’s highfalutin electric cars. 😀

Why were they dismantling a perfectly good i3? It would have probably been cheaper to just bring it over and drop it off in my driveway.

Even though this car was likely a test mule, tested and abused, it’s still difficult to see what appears to be a “perfectly good car” recycled. I was at Chrysler’s HQ and saw a flatbed with several crushed Vipers on it. A tear was shed that day.