BMW i3 Production From Start to Finish – Video

bmw i3 production


The BMW i3 is an revolutionary automobile.  For proof, one need look no further than the BMW i3 production process.

bmw i3 production

BMW i3 Production Complete

The i3’s carbon fiber construction is its single most unique aspect.  This is truly what set the i3 apart from any other mass-produced automobile available today.

In this video, you’ll see the BMW i3 go from carbon strands to finished automobile.

This highly detailed 40-minute video of the BMW i3 production process truly takes you inside the i3’s unique assembly.

Called a factory tour video, we don’t think we’ve seen any video with this amount of detail on how an electric vehicle gets made.

Prepare to be amazed as the i3 springs to life before your eyes in just 40 minutes.

BMW i3 Production Begins Here

BMW i3 Production Begins Here

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The level of automation they have is impressive! They must have spent a fortune developing this factory. Nobody can say that BMW is not serious about selling electric cars!

This full automation will kill the last large industrial job market in Germany.

I’m sure they’ll still employee plenty of workers. It appears most of the automation is taking care of things that make the quality better such as alignment of parts, applying correct amounts of adhesive, etc.

Impressive use of light materials; the car weighs 2700 lbs, 600 lbs less than a Leaf. There appears to still be a lot of manual handling; but, I suspect that will change as they continue to re-design the automation process, outsource assembles and make changes to the car.

For example; The 2013 Leaf charger and emergency brake were re-designed to consolidate the motor/differential, inverter and charger into one assemble that all fits under the front hood and the emergency brake was moved from the center console to the floor. This resulted in more simple brake assembly, more cargo space and more room under the cargo space for a spare tire in countries that require a spare.

This video was very good showing how complex it is to make this car. I suspect that the Nissian Leaf would be a lot more simpler in the inside of it. But this also shows how long it will take to ramp up production to make 60,000 of them a year. Along with that it really shows how hard it will be for any other EV maker to ramp up production to 60,000 a year.

I like the video, but they do not show so many crucial parts of the assembly. There is probably a lot of proprietary info here. Being at the LEAF plant the assembly there is more simple, hence a better price