BMW i3 Production Process Videos – Carbon Fiber and CFRP

SEP 25 2013 BY MARK KANE 6

BMW recently published all sorts of incredibly interesting (extremely detailed) videos on the i3 production process – step by step.

First BMW i3 Getting Handed Over to German Marathon Runner

First BMW i3 Getting Handed Over to German Marathon Runner

One of most important parts for BMW’s electric vehicles – lightweight materials – begins its life at the BMW Group and SGL Group joint venture SGL Automotive Carbon Fibers at Moses Lake in the USA.

This is where carbon fibers are produced and then are sent off to BMW for making carbon-fiber-reinforced plastic (CFRP) parts and carbon fiber structures used in the i3 and soon in the i8.

Production of the finished parts takes place in Germany.

It’s worth noting that the electrical energy used at the Moses Lake facility comes entirely from hydroelectric power plants.


CFK production SGL Automotive Carbon Fibers, Plant Moses Lake.Exterior shots.

Production Creel Area.

Oxidation Ovens.

Low Temperature Furnace.

Wanapum and Priest Rapids Dams. Hydroelectirc power plants.

Statements Steve Swanson Plant Manager Moses Lake BMW SGL ACF.

CFK production SGL Automotive Carbon Fibers, Plant Wackersdorf.

BMW i3 production, Plant Leipzig. CFK production, preforming facility.

RTM press.

Water jet cutting.

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Love how they have out the whole i3 manufacturing process out there on these videos

Q: What would you get if you combined the best attributes of a Chevy Volt, Ford C max and a BMW I3?
A: Hopefully our new vehicle in several years!

How we made our green clean CFRP? In the beginning goes Chevrolet Tahoe…

Yes, noticed that too. Pretty funny. It’s probably unwise to have big honking SUVs parade in front of the camera whe touting your green creds. That said, I’m super impressed that BMW released this material. My favorites are the photo demonstrating just how lightweight the carbon frame was, and the video documenting the final assembly at the Leipzig plant:

There is an absolute ton of video related to the i3 and the process. So much that we (and by we I mean Mark – because I am hella lazy right now) are going to roll it out/break it up into 3 stories today and tomorrow – including that vid. Figured people would not be inclined to watch 22ish videos in a row, lol.

There is so much unique stuff out there we (and again I don’t mean me specifically) actually had to host 3 or 4 of them ourselves because no one was carrying it…craziness.

Absolutely, understood. I’m glad that you didn’t mash up the short video clips into something larger, since it can be tedious to watch. I think that it was smart of BMW to release this footage. Tesla tour factory tours are about as popular as the car itself. These videos come pretty close to that experience, and will help build enthusiasm for this technology.