BMW i3 Plays Tug Of War With Hyundai Grandeur HG 2.4 – Video


Some automotive tug of war action here.

Only in South Korea will we see a BMW i3 hooked up to a Hyundai Grandeur HG 2.4 for some tug of war.

We can’t understand a lick of what’s stated in the video, but that matters not.

Which vehicles wins in this grueling tug of war battle?  Well, let’s just say that one vehicle’s traction control seems to give it a distinct disadvantage.

BMW Plays Tug Of War

BMW Plays Tug Of War

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Skinny tires probably didn’t help either. Spoiler alert.. the Korean car wins.. *surprise*

Let’s put a Model S up against a Kia Soul.


Just a question, would having 4 occupants in the i3 and only one driver in the Hyundai make a difference in this… test?

And what does all of this say about which car is best? Almost nothing.

That of course the Korean car is better! And that a foreign electric car is inferior.

I’ve worked in Korea on three projects, been there six times, and I promise there is no way a Korean anything would ever lose any contest.

the occupants balances the weight and personally more grip is better

Rodrigo Henriques Negreiros Magalhaes

what a stupid thing to do….