Video: BMW i3 Parallel Parks Itself With the Push of a Button


The BMW i3’s optional $1,000 parking package includes a self-parking feature that sandwiches the i3 between to parked vehicles with only 22 inches of extra space needed.

BMW i3 Almost Parked

BMW i3 Almost Parked

The automated parallel parking function is unique in that it requires no driver input, aside from pushing a button.

Unlike other vehicles, which typically require the driver to have his/her foot on the brake pedal, the i3 does away with that, which makes the system as touch-free as possible.

With assistance from ultrasonic sensors, the i3 parks itself.

But does it work as intended?

Engadget recently put the system to the test.  A video of the results can be viewed below”

Source: Engadget

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Does the i3’s horn actually sound like a clown horn?

Looks like it has at least as long of a delay as OnStar regarding connecting to the car.

“which makes the system as touch-free as possible.”
Other than holding that button down :).

What happens if the car hits another one? Who’s responsible? The driver? The car company? Would you get a ticket?

So far the driver is responsible… but it will be interesting in the future when the cars get more and more autonomous and the responsability will slowly move away from the driver (or operator or owner or whatever you should call it when it’s driving itself).

How well does the auto parking work in really tight spots?

From the video, it appeared to look for valid spots. So it would not attempt a spot it could not park in.

ya because its so hard to parallel park with a smaller vehicle and its not like we learned how to do it when we learned how to drive

50% of the time when I park in the UK it is parallel parking.
Can I do it?
Do I want to?
And I drive a little city car.

When I recently had some health issues craning my neck around to park up and watch for hazards was no fun at all, either.
I would sooner leave the car to do the parking whilst I kept a sharp eye out for the various cars trying to remove my wing mirrors and pedestrians seeking to suicide under my wheels, or help their kids to do so.