BMW i3 Officially Launches in UK


BMW i3 Now Available in UK

BMW i3 Now Available in UK

On November 6th, the BMW i3 officially launched to the public in the UK.

The press release issued by BMW on the UK launch contains no notable new information aside from a mention on leasing and lease rates.

Here’s what BMW says in regards to that:

“The price for the BMW i3 starts at £25,680** and £28,830** for the Range Extender. However, leasing is expected to be favoured by customers and the monthly rates are highly competitive. Starting at £369p/m for a 36 month contract and rising to £480p/m for an i3 Range Extender in Suite, the BMW i3 is a compelling package.”

If we simply convert those rates to US dollars, then we get $591 to $769 per month. Fortunately, conversions don’t work that way. We expect that when the i3 becomes available in the US in Spring 2014, it’ll lease for $300 to $400 per month – with a decent down payment attached (as always).

Below you’ll find some basic info on the i3 in the UK:

i3 Specs UK

i3 Specs UK

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Dot 7 seconds drop in the rex 0-100 times? OWWCH. So if I load even one friend, weighing more than a tiny 2-cyl and 2 gallons, this thing starts getting bogged down?
Three friends and it starts accelerating like my first pinto?
We’ll want to be Real clear about what the driver weighs in the magazines’ performance reviews..