BMW i3 Official Pics-a-Plenty


The official images of the BMW i3 have finally arrived.

i3 in Solar Metallic Orange

i3 in Solar Metallic Orange

No longer will we have to pour over those grainy and often-out-of-focus spy shots.

Yes, there’s still a bit of camo in play here, but these images come straight from BMW and are the closest yet to what we’ll see in the real-deal reveal scheduled for July 29.

Those seemingly tall and way-too-skinny tires certainly stand out in some of the images.

Also, the really thin seats (definitely a weight-saving measure) draw our attention as well.

And look at that rear legroom!  Isn’t it way more than you would have expected?  Credit those thin seats along with some creative packaging.

What piques your interest in the images found here?

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Hmm. no close up of the range extender. Is that the gas tank in the passenger rear? Will this thing have a frunk? Where’s the coolant system?

Gas tank will be in front. No they haven’t provided ANY pics of the range extender yet.

Gas tank in the front?! That’s almost as questionable as putting the charging port of the LEAF on the front of the car.

Not really, we’re only talking a 9 liter/2.4 gallon tank. That’s like the size of two windshield washer reservoirs.

What is interesting is that they positioned the range extender and fuel port on the same side as the charging port.

The charge port on the front is perfect for public charging in my experience. Are the public stations you use mostly mounted on a side curb as opposed to the front curb?

Rex pics would be nice since it is the main difference of the i3. It would also be nice to know if the engine is Flex-Fuel or perhaps even wet ethanol able, which would be even better.

What really hits home is the inefficient use of space in the back where the motor/inverter and RE are located. Of all the EV mfg’s, Tesla is the only one that gets it.

The other thing is about the styling. I’m not sure I like it. It was OK in the concept but the final product reminds me of that goofy oldsmobile or whatever it was. Seems like an odd look for normally well designed German BMW.

But there are a lot of pluses about this unique design also. It’s peppy and has the only CC body , low wt, and a unique RE design. So overall I’m still enthused about the car.

PS no way the RE option will only be 2K$

George: It’s looks like there is a lot of spare room because that’s where the range extender goes. Once it’s in there there is little room left over. Having such a large piece of hardware as an option had to give the engineers fits with space management and weight distribution I’m sure.

What’s with the blue & white wallpaper? Not a big fan of that.

They are still hiding some of the features. That will be gone on the 29th when they do the official unveiling.

I like the suicide doors, but the production doors don’t seem to open nearly as wide as the concept doors did. May be a bit hard getting into the back.

i3 Concept

Agreed. I love suicide doors, but the production version look too small in the pictures.

Tom, any chance you have seen the production doors in person?

Pictures of rear seat, rear door opening

The suicide doors look like able to provide just that, in the case one of the back doors open at high speed, you have a super efficient aero brake but only acting on one side, enough to send the car in an uncontrolled spin, from there suicide doors.

Have the colors been announced? I’d like to see this completely in black, no two-tone.

As per i3 thread at mybmwi3, I don’t know anything about the validity/conclusions thought…just pointing out as random FYI

from the thread:

A White, 2 Greys, 2 Silvers (One is called Ionic) and Solar Orange

“Interestingly there’s no Light Blue (as per first Concept) or any Blues for that matter ….. or Reds ……. or Black. Not sure its the same the World over but NO Black BMW i3 means the i3 is obviously not designed to travel 4″ from the car in front on the outside lane of the Motorway!”

That’s what I’ve seen Jay and coincidentally those are the only colors we’ve seen in any of the released photographs so perhaps it’s correct. Odd that 4 or the 6 colors would be gray or silver though. I’d imagine one of the grays is probably very dark and looks black from some angles. The Solar Metallic Orange looks good.

No Black means the i3 might need to be photoshopped to make in onto the monthly sales scorecard!


Only a small portion of buyers/leasers will opt for the range extender. This will still be a vehicle for the EV true believers, albeit those in the beamer set.

The lack of colors (no blue? no red? no black? WTF BMW???) will a bigger hurdle for people than it would be for a Leaf, Focus (also notable color challenged), etc.

I suspect it will still sell well, though, likely neck and neck with the Leaf and Volt once availability and production ramp up. A BMW EV at that price has to be enticing.

My Prediction: >75% of the i3’s sold in the US the first year have the range extender option. Sales will probably sag a bit behind the LEAF and Volt because it’s considerably more expensive.

If this thing where a few thousand cheaper it could give the Chevy volt and the Nissan Leaf a run for their money with the small back up gas engine.