BMW i3, Now A 7-Year-Old Girl Pushes One Away – Video


Anything Boys Can Do...

Anything Boys Can Do…

A BMW i3 is so light a 7 year old boy can push it. Sure, but when my daughter saw that video (linked above)ย she said “a girl can do it TOO!!!”

So we set out to prove that she is right. Since the BMW i3 is largely made of carbon fiber and weighs only 2,634 pounds, it is possible for even a small child to push the car. She did manage to get it going to 3 MPH.

Ice cream was in order after the video shoot.

Editor’s Note:ย  InsideEVs is an equal opportunity website, so if any 6-year-old girls or boys want to try to do better, well…you know how to find us.

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Typical BMW driver… LOL

Cute. Glad to see people spending time with their kids.

Did you notice he said:
“I’m sure you have seen a seven year old move a…”
and then:
“… a seven year old girl…”

So, a seven year old is per default male; if a female, it must stated especially.

‘Here we have a human, and over here is a female human’.

The efficiency of the i3 is indeed quite an admirable aspect of it.

That said . . . it would be nice if they made it more aerodynamic and provided the OPTION for a bigger battery. That would knock it out of the park.

Those are just bad things to demonstrate…

EV haters are just going to say, “see, those EVs run out of charges all the time and you would have to ask your kids to jump out to push them”…

Video is cute, and no doubt I believe she can push that car. It appears however that she has a much easier time than the 7 year old boy. On closer examination it appears that dad is parked on a slight downgrade slope, so gravity is giving her a little assist. No fair dad, let that girl push the car for real!