BMW i3 With M Stripes


BMW i3 owners are getting creative with their electric cars. From Norway comes a BMW i3 with a special livery: the popular M stripes often seen on high-performance BMWs. And to make sure everyone knows this is a “special i3″, the owner added a few ///M badges on the side and rear end.

The “i3 M” certainly stands out in the crowd and makes for a conversational topic.

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The odometer reads 11,000 km, a figure quite high for a year old car, especially an electric-powered one. Norway is one of the world’s most dominate markets for electric cars, thanks to strong government support.

We played around with an i3 M rendering in the past as well, but without a doubt, BMW has no plans to build such vehicle. We might see a high-performance EV in the future, but sans the M tuning.

BMW i3 With M Stripes

BMW i3 With M Stripes

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4 responses to "BMW i3 With M Stripes"
  1. Foo says:

    I thought it was dumb when folks stuck phoney “S” or “R” (or even BMW!) logos on their Civics or other econo-racers, but fake “M” logos on an actual BMW? Please.

    1. dabrainz says:

      How naive can one be… There are so many BMW’s with M-badges and other M makeover kits around whilst being the cheapest versions around.. It happens to all cars..

  2. ffbj says:

    A topic of conversation?
    Casual Observer: “I see you have stripes on your car.”
    i3 Owner: “Yes, I do.”
    Some conversation.

  3. Phr3d says:

    Not that non-BMW-phile could possibly care, but that stripe treatment is always eye-catching.. there is an ICE 1-M with the ‘colors’ that Mad gets my attention.

    here, not so much, but “beauty is in the eye” that I am in complete agreement with.. a batwing 3.0 owner with full livery would likely seizure at my lusting after the 1-M “Feeble Attempt”.

    it’s All good, history Is the Marque.