This BMW i3 Looks Aggressive, But Hideous

OCT 21 2014 BY STAFF 10

Modded BMW i3

Modded BMW i3

From Japan comes one of the first modded BMW i3 we have seen.

Dubbed BMW EVO i3, the electric vehicle gets an aggressive body kit that turns the car into a race-looking machine rather than a city car.

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The EVO i3 comes with flared fenders, a completely redesigned front bumper with large air intakes (not sure for what), rear diffuser and plenty of carbon fiber all around the car.

A set of custom wheels in blue and gunmetal in 20 inch size just complete the overall dynamic design.

No other details are known at this time, but we expect to see similar projects in the future, even if the market for it is quite small.

Modded BMW i3

Modded BMW i3

Modded BMW i3

Modded BMW i3

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10 Comments on "This BMW i3 Looks Aggressive, But Hideous"

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Arrrrghhh!!! Jeeezz… pls don’t proliferate.. Kill it while it’s still young

When I look at this car a lot of jokes comes to mind, but I have to give it to them for originality. They are thinking outside the box.

If there were a “Truth in Headlines” law, you’d be in full compliance.

and it’s range just dropped 10 miles due to increased weight and drag lol

I heard some folks saying the BMW i3 was ugly. How do you like me now (LOL)?

It is hideous, but no worse than when unmodded.

I think it’s actually a Transformer.
(the thicker wheels do look better)

Whatever people! Haters! I like it. It’s boy racer cool! So there!

none of that makes any sense

just ugly

The wider tires and wheel wheels are actually an improvement.