BMW i3 Is So Lightweight A 7-Year-Old Can Push It – Video


The 7-year-old boy wins this round against the lightweight BMW i3.

We’re not sure if this is a BEV i3 or REx i3, but either way the i3 is so lightweight that, if need be, your 7-year-old could probably push it.

Don’t try this with a Tesla Model S.

At 2,635 (BEV) to 2,800 (REx) pounds the i3 is one of the lightest cars on the market, which makes for an agile, quick vehicle that easily pushed too.  That’s a useful attribute for those rare occasions when you run completely out of charge within feet of your driveway.

BMW i3 Being Pushed By 7-Year-Old Boy

BMW i3 Being Pushed By 7-Year-Old Boy

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I ran out of charge once with my i3, less than 20 meters from a public charger. Even with the i3 set to Neutral I was barely able to push it more than a few meters. It felt like the car did not release the regen. Luckily a nice person was able to tow me to the charger. Either Neutral is different when the battery is empty or (the far more likely explanation) in this video the guy is actually driving the car very slowly.

That situation sucks. This is the reason I went with the Volt, I don’t feel confident enough in pure EVs as this could happen. I like the i3 and the attention it has brought to the EV community and I hope one day we won’t use gas anymore.

If this is NBF’s legendary Goat Guy, Hi!

But your will have to prove it by calculating the forces involved to push the i3!

They just have to build up a bit more for when dad buys a Tesla….
It all helps on the electricity bills!

Children powered cars, genius!

A 7 year old boy can push every car on flat ground.

New Option for Range Extension:

You may choose either the 330 pound motor scooter engine and it’s fuel, which you must take with you every where, cost $4,000.
You can call for help from a 7 year old, 50 pound boy, who you only carry with you occasionally, he will help you get to your driveway, cost $28,488/yr.
But, a lot more fun to grow old with !

One who speaks German, slightly more expensive.

The 7 yr old qualify for carpool lane access where the REx doesn’t (okay, maybe in CA it does). =)

Car going downhill? Body builder kid?

My 12 year old son looks weaker than this 7 year old.

Low rolling resistance tires have got to help.

i can push my 1500 kg suv just fine

a lot faster too