BMW i3 Knocks Down A Fence To Become Part Of History


History in the making?

BMW i3 makes its own place in history?

How would you caption this photo of a BMW i3 that knocked down a fence before ending up on the front lawn at a historical society?

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Some folks shouldn’t operate a motor vehicle, no matter what drivetrain it uses…


“Germany invades the USA – makes history”


“The Bavarians are coming!”
“The Bavarians are coming!”
“The Bavarians are… here!” πŸ™‚


Green Car Hits Green Tree – Irony.


Tree-hugger! πŸ˜‰


Here’s another angle
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A picket fence wouldn’t stop a Tesla. Neither would that brick wall in the background.


“Finding no graveyards near the Tesla dealership, owner decides to abandon vehicle here instead.”


Obviously thought it was in Reverse but it was in Drive. May be design issue with the column shifter. I can put the Leaf into Drive when I thought I put it into Reverse. It’s just easier to do when the shifter is directional rather than positional.

I’ve seen several people make the mistake with the Leaf so it’s definitely an interface design issue.


Excerpts from

Driver of BMW i3 hits power instead of brake and hits the front porch post at Historical Society on Ocean Ave; no one injured

The Murphy-Smith home built in 1923 and the headquarters of the Laguna Beach Historical Society on Ocean Avenue downtown, was damaged by a new electric BMW i3 Thursday afternoon.
Brittney Fischbeck and her daughter Ainsley had just reached their car in the Whole Foods parking lot at 4:15 after shopping inside the store. β€œWe heard a loud β€˜thud’ and saw that the BMW had driven forward instead of backing up and went into the Historical Society bungalow.”

Captain Jason Kravetz of the LBPD conformed what Fischbeck told us – the driver hit the accelerator instead of the brake and drove out of the parking lot into Murphy-Smith home. He said no one was injured.
Fischbeck described the driver as being in his 30s with what seemed to be an Italian accent. β€œI’m in a nightmare! My God!” were his first words to her.

Mutwin Kraus

“Driver of BMW i3 hits power instead of brake and hits the front porch post at Historical Society on Ocean Ave; no one injured”

These accidents seem common (I think the same happened with a Tesla a couple months ago) and I can’t explain it. How was that driver even able to get there if he doesn’t know the difference between brakes and accelerator?


Would be nice if all cars came w/collision avoidance sensors/software standard.


My i3 has a collision avoidance system that is supposed to apply the brakes automatically if the car is about to collide with another vehicle or a pedestrian. I think that this is standard with all i3’s. The system uses a front-facing camera mounted in the rear view mirror base and software that is supposed to identify collision targets. Maybe a low fence wasn’t seen well by this camera or wasn’t interpreted by the software as a collision target.

If this i3 was equipped with the optional Parking Assist package, front-facing ultrasonic sensors should have warned the driver about the fence, but if he was pressing the accelerator rather than the brake, this warning wouldn’t have helped.


They need to set up a standard for sensors & software that will prevent unintended accelerations, automatically braking the car. Also one that brakes the car if approaching another vehicle. Too many people texting & driving, and I don’t see people changing.


With unconventional selector lever in hand, an i3 driver misses the forest for the tree.


BMW i3 blends style, technology and sustainability into a package that is breaking down fences in the automotive community.


Not sure if the BMW has creep or not, and with this driver it may not have mattered, because clearly it went into gear followed by lots of throttle.


No creep. They should add the option like Tesla did on the Model S.

Peder Norby

My cord couldn’t reach and I desperately…..



“Your pilot for today is Captain Crunch.”

“Honey, I said run the electric mower, not the electric car.”

“If you take shortcuts in life you end up being history.”

“Nationwide is on your side… Uhm, not again!”

“Not enough power?! Not strong enough?! Really?! Check this out :)”

“Elon, you just crashed your car, again! What’s so funny?”
“It wasn’t insured.”


“By city-friendly we meant something else…”

“But, but, but, I just wanted to be extra social!”

“You want an electric off-roader?! You’ve got it!”

“It’s history in the breaking”


“Can I get fries with that?”
“Dude, I don’t think that’s a drive-through.”

“Honey, come say hello to your mother in law.”
“Honey, where are you going?”


“I got your future right here!”


What comes next is the most interesting factoid.

Will the insurance company total the i3 for what appears to be cosmetic damage only?

Why do I ask this? Because BMW has instructed the Insurance Institute that i3 costs nearly the same to repair as a gas 1 series. How can this be, BMW?! Does this mean, 1) *big asterisk: -if repaired by a BMW dealer service dept.? – that would mean, expensiiiiive. 2) Could this mean that all that proprietary equipment the BMW dealer had to purchase to fix the CFRP bodywork, jigs, glues, tools – all specified on, make this car economical to fix?

My guess is this car will be totaled by the insurance company and sold as salvage. These are early days for i3. Surely, insurance companies will be alerted very soon just how expensive insuring an i3 can be for them. The result? This means in the future, insuring an i3 will be a very, very expensive proposition for i3 owner.

Been saying this from day 1. Has anybody listened? Nope. My prediction: They will very soon.


Your comment doesn’t even rise to the level of factoid. There’s no way that the cost to repair minor cosmetic damage could exceed the value of this new i3 which must be more than $40,000.

My i3 insurance premium is reasonable and will remain so, I suspect. Big insurance companies aren’t going to take an automobile manufacturer’s word on repair costs; they would do the necessary investigation to determine the expected repair costs themselves.

Warren M

Unless we hear from the owner, lets not make assumptions. Perhaps they pulled it out and the owner drove it away for all we know.

Red HHR.

New exhibit, the day the the oil age ended.


Hey Red! Good to see you!

How’s the red Volt working out for you?

Red HHR.

Hey James, love the Volt. No issues 33,000 miles.


BMW i3. The car of the future, breaking down historical barriers.


Braking bad.


2 yucks and gafawh.


Better for the second would be:
“Not braking? Bad.”

Chris B.

On Fox News: Electric Cars Careen Out of Control – Danger to “Society”!


Hahaha. You got me there.
Well done all
I openly laughed several times.


A look into the future: Hydrogen fuel cell vehicles are so popular that EV owners are donating their cars to museums.


Another downside of fast 0-60mph performance…



“The salesman said it had really aggressive regenerative braking, so I thought I’d test it”


“Honey, I know I said I wanted a little house with a white picket fence and a car, but not all in the same place.”


Notorious B.E.V.


Assault with battery


I’m not sure what happened… I downloaded the i3 autopilot app onto my iPhone and pressed go.


But the GPS said….

David Sporkin

Best offense is to de fence

driver was red but green with envy

Historically incorrect should have been american ev, what was the curator thinking.

You got to be shifty to get in places like that


Ok, we had some fun at this (Schadenfreude), however for the historical society and for the i3 driver it is anything but a laughing matter. Some of us have been in a similar situation before and we can relate and fortunately laugh about it now. Hopefully the involved can laugh soon too.


Maybe as a concerned EV community we can make a small contribution to the historical society:

and the i3 driver if they so desire.


At least he didn’t hit the gas…