BMW i3 Interior Explored In Teardown Video


BMW i3 Interior Teardown

BMW i3 Interior Teardown

The BMW i3’s interior is rather unique in that it employs several sustainable materials, some of which result in an end look that’s more crude than one would expect to see in a $45,000 BMW.

In this teardown video, the BMW i3 interior is explored in tremendous detail.

Of particular interest is the various cost-cutting measures used within the i3. Some of these cost-cutting tricks actually put in place to reduce weight and to speed up production, while at the time saving the automaker money.

It seems nothing is overlooked in designing cars these days.

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“a $45,000 BMW.” . . . where can I get one for that price? 😉

The BMW i Series is a cost cutting Miracle


Advertising Budget….to Hide the fact that “The Emperor Has No Clothes”…a Back Office Nightmare !

Anybody know how environmentally friendly my Tesla is? I know it has longer range -but can a tesla beat this?

It’s really impossible to find a definitive answer. It depends on your personal situation. Do you live in a State where grid energy is pretty “green”, such as California where almost no energy comes from coal-fired power plants? Or in certain areas of Canada where the grid is mostly hydroelectric powered? Do you have a solar power installation on your roof?

And aside from that: Different analyses (some motivated by politics or paid for by the Big Oil lobby) have given very different answers, based on different assumptions — or simply ignoring important factors.

Here’s an article that pretty well sums up the state of confusion over the question, and points out the shortcomings of several of the better-known analyses:

crude? The i3 interior has won awards for its look. This is one area the i3 blows away a Tesla. If only we could somehow merge the best of both together.