BMW i3, i8 On Sale Now In China

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BMW i3 Now Available In China

BMW i3 Now Available In China

BMW i8 Now On Sale In China

BMW i8 Now On Sale In China

Last month, BMW entered China’s blooming electric vehicle segment when both the i3 and i8 went on sale there.

Pricing for the BMW i3 is reasonable at 449,000 yuan (or $73,000 USD), while the i8’s price tag makes the Tesla Model S seem downright cheap.  i8s starts at ~ two million yuan in China (~$326,000 USD).

The Tesla Model S has a base price of 734,000 yuan ($121,000 USD) in China.

This is BMW’s first foray into China’s EV market (aside from the joint venture BMW-Brilliance Zinoro 1e, a lease/rent only offering).

The sales target for the i3/i8 in China is 1,000 combined units by the end of 2014.

The Wall Street Journal adds:

“BMW said it has appointed seven dealers for BMW i in Beijing, Shanghai, Shenzhen and Shenyang.”

“To help kick-start demand, BMW in April announced it would invest an undisclosed amount to set up 50 charging stations in Shanghai together with local partners.”

Source: Wall Street Journal

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8 responses to "BMW i3, i8 On Sale Now In China"

  1. Big Solar says:

    why is 73k reasonable for a car worth 25k?

    1. See Through says:

      Why is $121K cheap for a car worth $21K?

    2. EricP says:

      I own an i3 BEV and I can say it is worth a lot more than 25k to me. It is the best car I have had yet (although my Boxster and my M3 were close while very different)

      I have never had a car picking up speed so quickly and never had a car built on a carbon fiber frame before. The technology is amazing.

      I don’t understand how people can put this car in the same category as the Leaf. It is like comparing an Altima and 335i…

      1. Big Solar says:

        I did not mean it is worth less than a Leaf. I say a Leaf is worth 20K. See Through however is pushing more Tesla Fud as usual (in case you were wondering)

        1. See Through says:

          Big Solar,
          You catch on fast, you are smart! So, were you spreading anti-BWM FUD with your comment?

          BTW, I thought you already sold your Model S. Then why such FUD against any non-Tesla EV? Can’t we all EV people get along?

          1. Big Solar says:

            Its not Fud. I think almost every car made today is over priced.

            1. blah says:

              First off, that’s for the base MS. A base MS is certainly not worth $121k. I don’t even think it’s worth $71k when you look at the amenities. A Ford is better optioned. BUt that’s a design trade they had to make.

              Second, both cars are equally overpriced due to import taxes. Ironically, I have a feeling the i8 might sell better there than the i3 due to “bragging” rights of the wealthy CHinese businessmen.


              The Tesla is expensive because the quantity and energy density of batteries, not because it’s a marvel of engineering. Any manufacturer could have produced a 200+ mi range EV but chose not to because the cost of batteries would price it outside the range of the mainstream masses. And as you can see, the Tesla is priced outside most peoples financial range. This is also why there’s less “new cool tech” because that would have caused the MS price to skyrocket even further. Being a new company they probably don’t have the technical background to develop those high tech creature comforts (yet) we see in competing high end models.

              The i3 is expensive because of the lightweight and renewable materials used, both of which cost more than traditional auto materials. You also need to factor in development costs of the new manufacturing process that allows for mass produced carbon fiber. E.g. Look how expensive the VW XL1 is using traditional carbon fiber manufacturing and assembly processes. I’m sure the cost of developing the new techniques are included with the i3 and i8. Future models will be cheaper.

              1. Jouni Valkonen says:

                Actually, because Tesla batteries have higher energy density than e.g. BMW and Nissan batteries, they are cheaper to manufacture.