BMW i3 & i8 Modified By IND

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Chicago-based IND reveals their first BMW i3 project. Known mostly for their amazing M projects, the aftermarket parts distributor is jumping into the tuning market for electric vehicles.

“As always, when BMW breaks new ground, we at IND do our best to follow suit,” says the company. “We have done everything possible to create new parts for the i3 and i8 cars with our technology partners, and are working hard to create a full host of components designed to help the BMW i enthusiast personalize their cars.”

The i3 project kicked off with a series of visual upgrades and more carbon fiber parts. First, the electric BMW received IND painted reflectors, gloss black foglight surrounds, gloss black front bumper slats and gloss black grille surrounds.

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Next, the folks over at 3D Design paired up IND to install a carbon fiber front lip painted in gloss black. The side mirrors were also swapped out for new carbon fiber mirror caps.

Since a BMW won’t a BMW without a proper stance, a set of Cobra lowering springs bring the i3 closer to the ground.

11144430 890549040983395 6021176485488171145 o 750x500 BMW i3 by IND


New shoes were also needed so HRE Wheels donated to the project a set of their 303 M wheels painted in electric blue color on the outer barrel and face and with a gloss charcoal inner barrel.



The result? A fantastic i3 that will look even quirkier on the road. Talk about an instant head turner.

IND took a stab at modifying the BMW i8 too.

Along with their BMW i3 project, IND also unveils a tuning project based on the BMW i8 hybrid sportscar.

The i8 is one of those cars that don’t need any upgrades to improve its looks. Even in stock form, the i8 looks futuristic, exquisite and exclusive. Its hybrid technology is also one of the most advanced drivetrains ever built by the automotive industry, and certainly by BMW.

So how do you improve its looks without ruining the beautiful design? Not an easy task, so IND decided to approach this with caution by only installing their painted reflectors and giving the car a sportier stance, thanks to the Cobra lowering springs.

11203632 890548950983404 6217159403234472868 o 750x500 IND upgrades the looks of the BMW i8


As always, a new set of custom wheels is a fairly inexpensive way to change the looks of your car so they went with the HRE S101 wheels with gloss charcoal outer barrel and face, and electric blue inner barrel.





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Any range improvements or modifications? No news here.

This looks like a PEP Boys special. Honestly, the first rounds of “modified” EVs are mostly a bit lame (and that includes the ones from big boys like Saleen, etc.). It reminds me a bit of when computer-controlled cars (EFI, ignition, etc,) first hit the scene. The aftermarket was a bit slow to catch up, but then quickly caught up and we began to see lots of modifications for them all (and it is now the norm). I expect we will see a similar pattern for electrics once the electric “sports cars” start to hit the scene at lower price points (i.e. EV Camaro, EV Mustang, etc.) in another decade or so.

This is Just Putting a Bandage On a Much BIGGER problem! BMW Should Start From Scratch & Get It RIGHT ! Instead of people Now Trying to Find A QUICK FIX, Which Will NOt Work //…You Cannot Fool The People All of The Time…

All they actually needed to do was remove the silly US only regulation inspired restrictions on the range extender and they would have had a top seller.
It’s basically the only complaint you ever see in reviews of the car.