BMW i3 Hits 10,000 Sales In Germany, Renault ZOE Close Behind At 9,500

JUL 21 2017 BY MARK KANE 17

BMW i3 & Renault ZOE Registrations in Germany – June 2017

BMW boasted its position as the most successful supplier of plug-in electric vehicles in Germany to date, as the company is first to cross the 10,000 sales mark with one plug-in model, the i3.

BMW i3

We decided to go behind the numbers a bit, to check on the progress of the i3, and as it turns out, the recently upgraded version of the BMW (now featuring a 33 kWh battery) has indeed accelerated its sales a little bit, and is the most popular plug-in in Germany.

Of those 10,000 – more than half is the all-electric version.

However, the Renault ZOE, which recently got an even stronger boost with a 41 kWh version, is just behind the BMW at over 9,500 total registrations, and looks to run down the i3 in the very near future for the German sales crown.

Among all-electric cars it’s funny (not really) to note that the Kia Soul EV is technically next best selling all-electric vehicle (with 6,234), but mostly because they didn’t actually stay in Germany – as an apparent registration/emission shell-game saw most of those vehicles ultimately land in Norway

Putting an (*) asterisk on the Kia, we give second place Smart Ed (just under 6,000), third to the Tesla Model S (with 5,134 registration), and 4th to the Nissan LEAF (with 4,257 registrations).

With record plug-in sales now happening in Germany, and the sales leaders still at relatively lower levels, the title of best-selling plug-in is more than up for grabs to any offering that might enter the market.

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Renault Zoe will probably beat i3 for the full year 2017. It already outsold the i3 for the first semester.

No, it looks like Germany if finally buying innovation.
Otherwise BMW goes under.
And as the i3 is the Most Advanced EV out there, except for the Tesla S/X, you ‘d expect sales to take off at some point.

10,000 units at that crazy hi price is a small miracle for a Glorified Golf Cart !…Ever see the video of the power train in action & how it BOUNCES & BOPS ABOUT as they accelerate & deccellerate.. its comical..

It has good handling. Have you tested it?

And the VW E-Golf?

How many of those have been registered in Germany?

The VW E-Golf has a 36 kWh battery pack.

~3100 e-Golfs.

Unlike Norway that has sold 18100 e-Golfs.

Man ICEs parking spot for 4 days in Toronto. City showers him with gifts and waives his parking fees.

Sorry, I should have said charging spot. Man ices EVSE for 4 days.

LOL well, let’s cut the kid some slack.

If he is so dopey that he cannot even locate his parked car for over 4 days… what are the chances he has even the slightest clue what an EVSE is.

Fair enough but I’d be pissed if I had to charge

He’s Smokin’ That wacky Tobacy agin .

Some corrections. The Zoe is the third best selling, not second.

And the fourth best selling is the Smart Fortwo ED (~5900). Which would be the third if you don’t count the country fleeing Soul EV.

Correction to the correction. 😉 Soul EV, not Zoe…of course. 😛

Sorry, we didn’t make that clear enough, 2nd, 3rd, 4th for “all-electric” offerings…so ex-the BMW. Will fix now.

It’s ridiculous to compare the sales of the EV i3 + PHEV i3 to the EV-only ZOE. As much as like the BMW, the Renault is the clear King of the hill in electric vehicle sales in Germany. On a side note, as Mikael has referenced, anyone viewing the German stats should be aware that the numbers for the Soul EV are very misleading. Most of these cars are registered in Germany, then exported the next day. The large majority of Soul EVs in Norway, for example, were registered in Germany prior to coming to Norway, and have obviously never been sold to an end user in Germany. Kia does this because it makes their EV presence in Germany look much better than it otherwise would – essentially they are manipulating the statistics. This won’t work very well when Norway eventually phases out its current practice of exempting EVs from import-related taxes (formally not duties, but in practice very much the same thing). But for the time being it is apparently workable, despite the German dealer adding markup before the Norwegian dealership gets the car. I guess the markup in Germany isn’t that big though, since the German dealerships generally… Read more »

Does Kia also sell Souls in Norway or are all the Souls in Norway from Germany?